it was agnostic, coffinless ceremony in the park

it was agnostic, coffinless ceremony in the park
it was agnostic, coffinless ceremony in the park

MESTRE – No funeral for Federico Lugato, the 39-year-old Venetian, resident in Milan and on vacation with his wife Elena Panciera in the Belluno area, found dead on Monday 13 September in the locality of “Monte San Sebastiano”, after 18 days of research in the Val di Zoldo. The young man was agnostic and therefore the funeral was not celebrated. His coffin was buried this morning, September 18, in the cemetery of Trivignano during a private ceremony with only family members.

While this afternoon friends and relatives gathered in the skating rink of the Albanese Park in Mestre for a civil commemoration. In addition to his wife, parents and brother, there were many friends from Mestre and also friends who came from Milan. During the ceremony the reading of texts taken from Federico Lugato’s favorite books, songs, music and memories in the words of the dearest people.

The President of the City Council Ermelinda Damiano represents the municipal administration of Venice.

Finished hopes: found dead in the mountains Federico Lugato His wife: «We’ll make it somehow» Discovered by the canine units of Finance The map of the place

The accident in the mountains

Federico Lugato was found dead on Monday 13 September in Val di Zoldo, not far from the circular route that on the morning of 26 August he had told his wife Elena he wanted to travel. On Monday, the financial police, with the three canine units of the stations of Auronzo di Cadore and Passo Rolle and of the training center “Alpine School”, retraced the loop on the recommendation of the prefect and eventually found it.

Federico Lugato, the fatal mistake: he leaves the path, enters the woods, then the flight of 30 meters

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