5G on the hunt for talents, Bisio (Vodafone Italia): “Today the country needs 200,000 digital jobs”

5G on the hunt for talents, Bisio (Vodafone Italia): “Today the country needs 200,000 digital jobs”
5G on the hunt for talents, Bisio (Vodafone Italia): “Today the country needs 200,000 digital jobs”

Genoa – A digital upskilling and reskilling job, in collaboration with the university world and in particular with Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano, to increase the skills of 3,000 Vodafone Italia employees (out of a total of 7,000). Because? Because there are still no trained talents on the market – or there are not enough of them yet – to face all the challenges of the immense world of networks, data, 5G. Aldo Bisio, CEO of Vodafone Italy since 2014 and, from the following year, also in the executive committee of Vodafone, puts on the table a present made up of “25 billion transactions, only on the Vodafone network, only in Italy, every day” and of a skills deficit that has impressive numbers.

«Today in Italy 200,000 digital jobs are missing. Referring to the objectives of the European Digital Compass, the shortage is 14 million skills between now and 2030. Considering that Italy is worth about 12 percent of GDP, we are talking about something that should generate 1 million and 300 thousand jobs between now and 2030. on digital. ”It is a picture made up of networks – 4G – insufficient to support the constant flood of data. Of a 5G that is moving fast (and with mobility projects, in Genoa, with the Municipality and Amt). And a market with impressive job opportunities. In a dialogue full of interesting ideas with the director of the 19th century Luca Ubaldeschi, the managing director Bisio focuses the first sos on the lack of professionalism in step with the times.

«In Italy we are very competitive on the whole issue of mobile networks which are better than the German, English and Spanish ones. We are growing on fixed networks: on this aspect a lot of money has been allocated by the government, to accelerate. The Economist says that in the third millennium the new oil is the data but, to be clear, there is a lack of refineries here. That is: the brains of the people who have to process them. We are overwhelmed by data but Italy has a skills deficit. ”The crux is the long cycle times to train new professionals. Hence the first immediate solution implemented by Vodafone was to increase its employees in collaboration with the universities. «Universities have long cycles, we are talking about 4-5 years. We need accelerators and so we have done, in this collaborative work between companies and universities. And it must be said: not only are artificial intelligence engineers needed but also surveyors, foremen. All that level is also missing ».

In Liguria, Genoa and La Spezia are already covered by 5G. «We were 15 cities in Italy last year, now we are 30 with the prospect of reaching 50-60 at the end of the year – continues Bisio, in comparison with the director Ubaldeschi – and let’s dispel some myths. The first? 5G is a necessity. Since I joined Vodafone, the data has grown by an average of 50 percent every year, which means that our traffic alone has grown 25 times. With 4G it’s like having a two-lane highway instead of 50, it can’t carry the current volume of traffic and what will inundate us in the coming years. A more performing level is needed: the response latency with 5G is one tenth compared to 4G. ”It was in Genoa that Vodafone activated the 5G experimentation together with the Municipality, Amt, Leonardo, Cnr, Start 4.0. Between drones and cameras on the buses it is possible to know, in real time, the conditions of the road surface. This is one of the examples, one of the possible applications.

And the submarine cable that Vodafone is building in consortium with Equinox will arrive in Genoa. Looking outside Liguria: again with regard to 5G, Vodafone has activated experimental projects in the ports of Kiel, Piraeus and Barcelona for pushed digitization of all operations at the port level. Returning to Italy: between the National Recovery Plan and the work being carried out by the Minister for Technological Innovation Vittorio Colao, former CEO of Vodafone, the elements for digital development are all there. Networks as precious as ever during the pandemic: for children in distance learning, for companies that have massively flocked to the web to still be able to survive, to keep relationships and ties in the weeks and months of the distance imposed by the lockdown. Networks that are the present and the future. And the discussion returns to the professionalism and skills that everyone should have: “A person cannot think of feeling digital because he has learned to use Zoom on Teams – concludes the CEO of Vodafone Italia Bisio -. And there is a theme that is central to data. It is that of security. It does not concern only the technicians, but all the people: also in this case it is necessary to do a work on skills. Zero risk in this world is impossible but it is necessary to work, everyone, to raise the current level of safety ».

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