Denise Pipitone, the Marsala Prosecutor’s Office requests the filing for Anna Corona

September 18, 2021 7:53 am

The ex-wife of the child’s biological father is investigated again for kidnapping and disappearance. Piera Maggio’s lawyer: “Four thousand documents to be verified”

Archiving was also asked for Giuseppe Della Key who uncle Battista, deaf and dumb, he had testified that he saw Denise on a scooter on the same day of the disappearance.

Denise’s mother’s lawyer: “We will consider whether to oppose” – The lawyer of Piera Maggio, Denise’s mother, confirmed the news by adding: “We will see the documents, in the notice the charge is not even indicated. On Monday we will make copies of the documents, we will have 30 days to study this amount of documents , over four thousand pages that have been produced in four months. The magistrates have done a lot of activity, in some ways it is a signal of attention on the case. I have no doubts about the chief prosecutor and who collaborates with him. At this point, we will evaluate abstractly the possibility of making an opposition. Not to discredit but in respect of the cross-examination, it could also be useful for the Prosecutor’s Office. We have made some defensive investigations, we will also file them “.


Denise Pipitone Marsala Prosecutors Office requests filing Anna Corona

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