eight new entries tonight. Measures for Katia Ricciarelli?

eight new entries tonight. Measures for Katia Ricciarelli?
eight new entries tonight. Measures for Katia Ricciarelli?

Big Brother Vip, direct second episode: eight new entries tonight. Measures for Katia Ricciarelli?. The new competitors will cross the red door during the episode that we will follow minute by minute on Leggo.it.


21.58 The page is turned, the video of Manuel on Alex Belli’s shoulders is broadcast “It was natural”

21.53 In the house, Raffella and Soleil made a joke that Katia did not take well. Soleil attacks Ricciarelli: “I understand that there is a generational gap, we understand the point of view but when Raffaella entered, she made some jokes that we wrote down”. «Don’t be slaves to politically correct, Raffaella too I told you that you were more naked than before but I didn’t disrespect you, let’s not joke, take it more lightly. It is not forbidden to tell a woman how beautiful you are, let’s have a laugh “

21.48 Greetings to the VIPs in the house. Signorini immediately asks Katia who replies “but do I have to go away?” and the pipeline responds “Let’s not joke, that’s your house.” Let’s see the clip

21.46 Signorini recalls that Manuel Bortuzzo told his dramatic story. There will be a nice surprise for him tonight, his father will arrive

21.43 Alfonso Signorini enters the studio

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Eight new VIPs will enter the house of Big Brother Vip this evening. Here’s who they are: Sophie Codegoni, Giucas Casella, Nicola Pisu, Miriana Trevisan, Jo Squillo, Andrea Casalino, Davide Silvestri and Samy Youssef. (Credits courtesy of the Mediaset press office and the Endemol Shine Italy press office)

Tonight Alfonso Signorin, accompanied by the new commentators Adriana Volpe e Sonia Bruganelli, it could announce some measures against Katia Ricciarelli who ended up in the eye of the storm for not very happy expressions used inside the house.

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