“I’m not that person there”: Barbara Palombelli responds to attacks

“I’m not that person there”: Barbara Palombelli responds to attacks
“I’m not that person there”: Barbara Palombelli responds to attacks

In the last 24 hours, Barbara Palombelli was at the center of media and political attention for a sentence said during the Forum counter, the spin-off of the Canale5 program that airs in the afternoon on Rete4. Numerous criticisms rained down on the journalist from the Italian political and cultural world, many attacks suffered on social media.

There have been seven in the past seven days women killed presumably by seven men. Sometimes it is also legitimate to ask: were these men completely insane, completely clouded or was there also maddening and aggressive behavior on the other side too? It is a question that we must necessarily ask ourselves, especially here, in court we must examine all the hypotheses“said Barbara Palombelli during the discussion of a lawsuit.

Already in the afternoon, the journalist and presenter had defended herself from the attacks with a comment left on social media: “Family violence, the crescendo of aggression that takes the place of love, the misunderstanding that blinds and makes murderers require careful investigations and put us in front of many questions. When a man or a woman (yesterday at the forum it was the female protagonist who exerted violence on their spouse) do not control anger we must question us. Establishing roles and issuing sentences without knowing the facts can be done at rallies or on social media pages, not in court. And even in a television room one has the duty to look at reality from all angles“.

During the promo of Stasera Italia, the program that runs on Rete4 every day starting at 20.30, he added: “A terrible thing happened today, a sentence was extrapolated from a Forum lawsuit yesterday afternoon and it was used for an avalanche of attacks, something that went through me from all sides. I have been accused of being an accomplice of the femicides, to acquit men who use violence against women. This betrays my whole life, dedicated to fighting violence against women and children“.

Thus began Barbara Palombelli, also opening a parenthesis in her personal life, talking about the children she adopted and saved from violence. “In my work I have always defended women, this is the most false thing that can exist. There is no anger, no behavior that can to justify femicide or violence against women. This is very clear to me and it must also be clear to youi “, continued Barbara Palombelli. The presenter, therefore, apologized:”I ask excuse me if it wasn’t clear enough. I apologize to the company and to all those who believed that I was that person there. I’m not that person there, it’s still me“.

Speaking after the Fourth Grade, the program of Gianluigi Nuzzi broadcast on Rete4, Barbara Palombelli again explained her position, reiterating her past in defense of women and children, as evidenced by the adoption of three children. Then, he explained that those sentences should be contextualized within the broader speech made during the case dealt with at that time at Forum, where it was shown “how anger is defused. We had an expert who explained the various degrees to us. But no anger can justify murder“. So, he reiterated”that there is no justification for femicide. Alongside this, however, we must all take a step forward to understand how to defuse from the first moment. My intent was, and is, to prevent and understand the first gesture. The escalation, the behavior of someone who can then degenerate. So there you need a psychologist, you need support. Because we absolutely must prevent, so that it never happens again“.

Barbara Palombelli underlined the need to take a step forward, “asking ourselves how to defuse this repressed anger, this aggression, before it becomes murder. We must teach our daughters that the first gesture of that man must be interpreted and decoded. It should be brought by psychologist, cured. At the first gesture, at the first swear word, at the first vaffa, at the first slap. This is preventing behaviors, not exasperating them, then treating them“So Barbara Palombelli further apologized, defending herself and calling the media attacks false, due to her professional history.

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