GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli still in trouble. What happened?

GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli still in trouble. What happened?
GF Vip, Katia Ricciarelli still in trouble. What happened?

Katia Ricciarelli has once again come under the eye of the storm. This time for telling Jessica Selassie that she is fat amid the laughter of one of her sisters as well. The web is now accused of body shaming: what will Alfonso Signorini do?

It is definitely not an easy time for Katia Ricciarelli inside the House of Big Brother Vip. The woman has now let herself go into judgments against Jessica Selassie that are not liked by the fans who, once again, are asking for immediate exclusion.

By now for the soprano she has ended up in the eye of the storm for some of her utterances that have made the rounds of the web. After the alleged blasphemy, it would also have been taken up by Cristiano Malgioglio and as if that were not enough Katia was also furious with Raffaella Fico e Soleil Rises for a joke that the two showgirls would have liked to do to the other contestants of the reality show. A reaction defined by everyone as excessive …

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“In four days – writes a user – Katia Ricciarelli said everything. Now also the body shaming, out immediately “. And again: “But can you say fat to a girl in front of all of Italy?”. And there are those who also target Clarissa: “If they had said fat to my sister I would not have laughed …”. Who knows what will decide Alfonso Signorini, whether it will take action against you or not …

Katia Ricciarelli dictates the rules of bon ton

That Katia Ricciarelli is a strong woman you see, you feel. Even at the table, even at lunchtime together with all the VIPs of the House against Francesca, Soleil and the Selassie sisters.

Francesca, who sits at the table last, apologizes for the delay. But Katia replies: “You don’t have to apologize for anything… now eat what’s there, unfortunately…”. Severe words that once again strike the tenants of the Cinecittà House.

But Katia didn’t stop and talks about bon ton rules, rules that, whether we like it or not, must be respected. But the former Mrs. Baudo he also found time to praise the behavior of Tommaso, reprimanded for an action deemed incorrect with regard to good manners at the table:

“I loved Tommaso! Ever since I told him not to go into the kitchen without his shirt, near the sink, he smiled at me and never did it again. And this is a beautiful thing “

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Francesca, disappointed, says she did not realize the time and Tommaso, with tenderness, tells her: “We forgive you!”

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