“We broke our p *** and, if they rape you you are looking for it” – Libero Quotidiano

“We broke our p *** and, if they rape you you are looking for it” – Libero Quotidiano
“We broke our p *** and, if they rape you you are looking for it” – Libero Quotidiano

All against Barbara Palombelli, also Fiorella Mannoia. The Mediaset host this evening will be the guest of Gianluigi Nuzzi a Fourth degree, on Rete 4, to defend herself from the rain of criticism that came to her for a sentence on femicide, certainly unhappy, pronounced a Forum: “Sometimes it is legitimate to wonder if these men were completely out of their minds or was there a maddening, aggressive behavior on the other side as well?”.

“If they rape you maybe you sought it, if they kill you maybe you sought it – Mannoia comments on Twitter, embittered -. I broke my bitches of these sentences. I turn to men: rebel against those who draw you as primates who cannot hold back the dips, you do it because WE ARE TIRED! ENOUGH! “According to Selvaggia Lucarelli, caustic as always, compared to the exit a Forum “the monologue of Sanremo was even better”.

But the Palombelli case soon became political. For Laura Boldrini, deputata Pd and former Speaker of the Chamber, “it is not legitimate to ask whether a woman deserved to die at the hands of a man. The cause of femicides is only one: the idea of ​​possession of women that pushes men to violence. “.

“The words used by the journalist Barbara Palombelli to try to ‘explain’ the dramatic wave of femicides that is bleeding our country are unacceptable and the result of a profoundly mistaken and superficial vision of the phenomenon – write the senators De Lucia, Leone, Maiorino, Matrisciano and the senator Perilli, members M5s of the Femicide Commission of Palazzo Madama -. Years of work and study, for example in the Senate Feminicide Commission, are thus mortified by those who, as journalists, have a very delicate role in influencing public opinion. Those few words contain the worst stereotypes that trivialize and distort the cultural and legal approach to gender violence. For this reason we decided to report the incident to the Italian Communications Authority. The indignation of many must also be followed by concrete actions, not to put someone on the index but to make the guarantee mechanisms of our institutions work in the best possible way “.

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