Amazon, 25 thousand applications from Italy for 500 open positions

Amazon, 25 thousand applications from Italy for 500 open positions
Amazon, 25 thousand applications from Italy for 500 open positions

More than a million applications, of which 25 thousand in Italy alone. These are the numbers of Career Day 2021 from Amazon, the virtual recruiting event that involved over 40 countries in the last 24 hours, with more than 2 thousand recruiters engaged in 30 thousand individual Career Coaching sessions, to provide advice and suggestions on how to start your career path in the best way, change work or achieve career growth. About 40 thousand users for Italy visited the event website, who had the opportunity to hear advice and suggestions directly from some Italian and international Amazon managers: among them Mariangela Marseille, vice president e country manager e, Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon e Zameer Rayani, principal recruiter and strategic advisor of the company.

The positions to which the Italian participants have looked with the most attention are those in the corporate, tech and operations divisions. Among the most sought-after roles are those of software development, IT, engineering and operations management, with over 500 positions open in the corporate, tech and operations sectors for the 50 offices throughout the country, for about 300 individual sessions of Career Coaching.

“We think we are in a unique position to help those who want to change not only for the tens of thousands of jobs we have opened, but also for the opportunity we offer people to build their own valuable career path – he says. Beth Galetti, senior vice president of People experience and Technology – We think Amazon is a unique workplace for anyone who wants the freedom to invent and dreams of having the opportunity to make a difference in an inclusive workplace. “

”The interest shown in this global event – he adds Mariangela Marseille – confirmed the strong curiosity of Italians towards the training and career opportunities we offer as well as the desire to get involved and improve their working conditions”.

According to a market survey commissioned by Amazon a Morning Consultant, 24% of the active population in Italy is looking for work. Of these, 72% are interested in new opportunities in sectors in which they have no previous experience while 68% say they are looking for a job with better pay, more benefits and that can offer a better work-life balance.

For those looking for work in Italy – according to the study – the priority elements are having a good manager (50%), a safe job (62%) and working in a company that operates with integrity / honesty (58%).

In Italy, we remind you, Amazon employs 12,500 permanent employees with 3,000 jobs created in 2021 alone and new job opportunities expected by the end of this year, with another 500 open positions.


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