“Italy among countries where the virus circulates less”

“Italy among countries where the virus circulates less”
“Italy among countries where the virus circulates less”

Italy is one of the countries in Europe where Covid circulates less today. This was stated by the president of the Higher Institute of Health (Iss), Silvio Brusaferro, in his speech at the press conference on the analysis of the data of the regional monitoring of the control room on the epidemiological trend of Covid-19. “From the EU map it emerges that Italy is ‘clearing up’ with two redder regions. In Europe, the circulation of the virus is decreasing. Our country is characterized by limited circulation, other countries are decreasing, however, always with a circulation higher than ours. At the EU level we are therefore in a situation of stability or slight decrease as in our case “, he said.

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“The Rt transmissibility index is around 0.83 at the national level and the projection is stable at 0.82. The index shows us a situation of stability with respect to transmissibility and hospitalization is also decreasing”, he said. then underlined Brusaferro, highlighting that the “reduction in circulation” of the virus that is observed in general “is also particularly significant in the younger age groups. Between 0-9 years, 10-19 years, 20-29 and 20-39 years years, with a downward trend in the last 7 days “. However, “schools have reopened since this week and this is the reason why we share the data, to understand how it will develop in the coming weeks”, observed the president of the ISS.

As for “the median age of those who contract the infection is in slight regrowth, we are around 38 years. While the median age of hospitalization is 58-60 years, death is around 80 years and admission to intensive care is 62-63 years. These figures are stable compared to the previous week “.

Finally, Brusaferro specified that “we continue to have very comforting data on vaccine coverage: those who have completed the full cycle are very protected from hospitalizations, death and admission to intensive care. But the fact that the vaccine is effective is also confirmed. compared to infection, even if a little less effective, but this does not mean that this lesser effectiveness does not guarantee an important protection against infection “.

Rezza: “Comforting data, pressure on hospitals is also decreasing”

‘”This week’s data are quite comforting: the incidence rate is still decreasing” of Covid-19. “Even if we are still above 50” new cases “per 100 thousand inhabitants, we are close to this threshold (we are at 54 per 100 thousand compared to 64 per 100 thousand last week) and we have a” contagion index “Rt which is below of the unit, to 0.85. The situation at the moment is positive and we also have a tendency towards a slight decrease in the occupancy rate of medical and intensive care posts, which tells us that there is some decongestion of health services thanks to the fact that the incidence in recent weeks has somewhat decreased “. The picture was drawn by Gianni Rezza, general director of Prevention of the Ministry of Health.

Positive situation, but not to let our guard down because, Rezza specified, “we are in a situation of resumption of many activities: schools have just reopened and a whole mechanism is restarting”, we will have an “increase in mobility” and greater “possibility of aggregation” even in closed spaces.

Eyes therefore focused on the reopening of schools. “We must be careful” of the possible post-resumption impact of the school year, Rezza warned. “It is not necessarily that we become infected in the classrooms – he specified – it is that” with the resumption of activity among the school desks “a whole series of activities is also set in motion”. “The situation is similar to that of last year – analyzed the DG – This year we have two more variables, one positive and the other not. The latter is the Delta variant” of Sars-CoV-2, ” much more transmissible and for this reason we must continue to maintain precautions. Despite the other variable, positive, which is that of vaccines “. The campaign, Rezza underlined, “went very well with very high coverage in the most advanced age groups, and even among young people there is a good acceptance of the vaccine” and parents must continue to push “young people to get vaccinated. children between the ages of 12 and 18. However, we are among the countries that have vaccinated more and better “, as highlighted by” Tony Fauci “, the super US expert.

Vaccines, concluded the Director General of Prevention, “provide relative protection against infection. They cannot protect 100% from infection, but a large percentage of cases are able to prevent infection. And above all they are demonstrating a ‘excellent ability to protect against serious illness “.

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