Palermo, the drug dealer who exulted on Tik Tok was arrested. The investigating judge: “On social media he flaunted his criminal caliber”

The celebration on Tik Tok for house arrest lasted just 48 hours. Francesco Gelfo, Zen 2 hashish wholesaler, was arrested this morning by the financiers of the economic and financial police unit. Because it was forbidden to communicate with the outside world. And because his message on social media “can be understood – wrote the investigating judge Walter Turturici – as expressive of the intention to reaffirm coram populo his own criminal caliber”. After the post, the investigators had immediately reported the case to the deputy prosecutor Salvatore De Luca and to the substitutes Bruno Brucoli and Alfredo Gagliardi, who asked for the aggravation of the measure. Says General Antonio Quintavalle Cecere, provincial commander of the Guardia di Finanza: “The response of the investigative and judicial apparatus to the conduct carried out by Gelfo while he was under house arrest was timely. It is a strong signal to those who believe they can violate with impunity. the rules; it is the affirmation of legality; it is the State that wins over arrogance “.

Gelfo after the arrest

On Tuesday morning, when the Gico financiers had knocked on his house in the middle of the night, he had feared the worst. That is the prison. Instead, he had only been notified of a house arrest order, accused of having dealt drugs, the same objection made to eight other people who ended up in the network of an investigation between Palermo and Carini (six are in prison). Francesco Gelfo, 31, had decided to rejoice on TikTok: “You sucked it out of me – he wrote – I’m at home with house arrest”. And then two funny faces. Below: “The jail is passing, always with your head held high.” In the background, one of the most popular soundtracks of this type of post: “Respect and freedom” by Nello Amato. And down many likes, with relative comments from friends.

Palermo, the drug dealer rejoices on Tik Tok after the financial blitz: “I’m at home with house arrest”

by Salvo Palazzolo

September 16, 2021

On social media Francesco Gelfo immediately became famous. He who poses as a great criminal, even if in his curriculum he has only a plea agreement for insulting a public official and various complaints. For drugs, theft, handling of stolen goods, injuries and mistreatment of animals. Gelfo has above all a title of criminal merit: he is the brother-in-law of Giuseppe Cusimano, the Zen boss who distributed the shopping to the families of the neighborhood during the lockdown. After the denunciation of the Republic, Cusimano also launched himself on social media, that time to accuse the journalists and defend himself. A few months later, he was arrested by the Carabinieri of the Investigative unit, already in that investigation Gelfo’s particular activism emerged.

Now Gelfo has ended up in prison, because he violated the judge’s prescriptions not to communicate with the outside world. Colonel Gianluca Angelini, the commander of the Pef nucleus, says: “Those who think they live above the law infringe the rights of honest citizens. This is an emblematic story of how social networks can also become an instrument of criminal propaganda”.

In another video, from some time ago, Gelfo showed the entrance to the Voghera prison. “It was nice to see you again after a long time, brother-in-law.” Just a message of love? Or another sign? Maybe to say that he had become the link between the mafia boss and the outside world? It was July 23. The video was accompanied by the inevitable song by a neo-melodic, this time Enzo Barone, with his “O colloquio”. And in the comments, many hearts for Cusimano and Gelfo. Not only from Sicily, but also from Calabria: «One gives freedom for all friends». Tik boss.

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