Nightmare Alley, the new film by Guillermo Del Toro is magically a noir. And it has a stellar cast

Nightmare Alley, the new film by Guillermo Del Toro is magically a noir. And it has a stellar cast
Nightmare Alley, the new film by Guillermo Del Toro is magically a noir. And it has a stellar cast

The new film by Guillermo Del Toro it will have nothing supernatural. Oh my God, what happens? The trailer for Nightmare Alley, the latest work by the Oscar-winning director for The shape of water, and it doesn’t even seem true. This time no anthropomorphic creatures for those who made Hellboy O The labyrinth of the faun. Del Toro magically gave himself to noir. The film, which will finally be released in mid-December 2021 in the United States, stars Stanton (Stan) Carlisle, played by Bradley Cooper, a shrewd merry-go-round who invents himself as a reader of the mind of others. The story based on the novel of the same name by William Lindsay Gresham (in Italy the book will be released in the coming weeks for Sellerio), and already adapted for the big screen in 1947 by Edmund Goulding (with Tyrone Power in the role of Cooper today), has at its center the manipulative skills of the scammer Stan who aims straight at gullible billionaires with the help of a set of supporting actors, including a handsome psychologist played by Cate Blanchett.

“There is nothing supernatural or fantastic about this film, but it is completely based on a real world. Although the title may be misleading, it is a different film from my previous works, ”explained the Mexican-born director. In short, we are on the side of a real noir. “I promised myself not to use any genre clichés, no voiceovers, no detective walking in the dim light on the wet streets in a felt hat. I wanted to reproduce the original universe of the novel: gritty but also strangely magical. The text has a strange charm, both mystical and mythical at the same time. This possibility attracted me a lot”.

The cast is perhaps the most star-packed in Del Toro’s already rich career: Cooper, Blanchett, Rooney Mara, William Dafoe, Tony Collette, Tim Blake Nelson, and two of his fetish actors like Richard Jenkins splendid in The shape of water e Ron Perlman, which certainly needs no introduction. Cooper’s ambiguous and sinister role was originally assigned to Leonardo DiCaprio but he gave up. Filming began a few weeks before the 2020 Covid lockdown. Due to the cross commitments of the other stars of the cast, practically the entire second part was shot (about 45% of the film), while the first part was shot six months later. , with the resumption of post lockdown sets. Del Toro and Cooper, among other things, declared themselves happy with this strange anticipation of the second part of the film because they said that in this way Cooper saw his character differently than how it was written: that is, he first interpreted the darkest transformation , cynical in swindler, and then it was as if we had to remove all the negative halo of the character to return to its most naive and normal origin.

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