MotoGP, Dovizioso: “Is Yamaha the bike for me? The results at the end of 2022 will tell you so”

MotoGP, Dovizioso: “Is Yamaha the bike for me? The results at the end of 2022 will tell you so”
MotoGP, Dovizioso: “Is Yamaha the bike for me? The results at the end of 2022 will tell you so”

The ice is broken, Dovizioso finally got on the Yamaha and was able to ride it in both dry and wet conditions. It was not an easy debut, but Andrea had taken it into account because after 8 years on the Ducati and getting on the M1, which is perhaps its opposite, is a big step and it will take time to complete it.

I knew I would have these difficulties, but I decided to do it anyway because racing in a Grand Prix speeds up the work – explains Dovi – This weekend I will need to make the most of the tests on Tuesday and Wednesday”.

What was it like getting on the Yamaha?
Very strange because it is very different from the bike I was used to. The main thing to fix at the beginning is the position in the saddle, I still don’t feel comfortable and I will have to be comfortable to start pushing. Despite this, I have already experienced some good sensations in some areas, but there is a lot to fix, some things we can do right now, others not “.

Why is it so difficult to find the riding position for you?
Because the M1 is big and long, the biggest and longest of all MotoGP. I am short and it is not easy to get to the handlebars, to operate the gearbox and rear brake well, so I’ll have to adapt”.

Have you found a Yamaha that reminds you of the one you rode in 2012?
AND a little early to talk about details, but there are a lot of things similar to that bike. I’m not surprised because I know the Japanese mentality. But I’m just getting started, let’s just say I’m still just trying to drive it (ride), I am struggling to find my driving position, otherwise I would be much faster. Right now I can’t put everything together, I have to do a job that is usually done at the end of the year”.

You said you thought the M1 is your bike, did you have a first confirmation?
In the dry I took 2 and a half seconds, I was only able to understand the bigger things, the problems come out when you take the bike to the limit. If it is my bike, I will only be able to say it at the end of 2022, because in the end what matters are the results. As I said, I’m here to fight for the championship, I accepted this offer because I wanted to try the Yamaha and I’m happy I did “.

Can’t you even say first impressions?
It makes little sense when you do certain times, but I can say that the sensations at the entrance of the bend were good, like the fact that the bike tells you everything that is happening on the asphalt “.

Were you disappointed not feeling the power of the Ducati on the straight?
I was already used to the Aprilia, which in this sense is a cross between Yamaha and Ducati. Some things you already understand the first time you leave the pit lane, such as the fact that it will take me many turns to find my position in the saddle.”.

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