“Here is the anti-Covid pill”, the drug to clean and Ricciardi: so, today …

“Here is the anti-Covid pill”, the drug to clean and Ricciardi: so, today …
“Here is the anti-Covid pill”, the drug to clean and Ricciardi: so, today …

– a lady in Trieste presented herself at the Court with an envelope, which was then abandoned on a chair. As soon as we saw the package, an ambaradan immediately took off: police, digos, forensics, firefighters. In the bag, however, there was no bomb addressed to who knows what toga, only holy cards, votive candles and religious images for the “community of the Tribunal”. It was brought by a 60-year-old lady who wanted to bring a gift to the court. The policemen, out of gratitude, denounced her for alarm and threat. Ungrateful.- new lockdown? “Never say never.” Walter Ricciardi to sow a bit of optimism, he warns: “When an even more contagious variant of the Delta emerges, it would be inevitable to take measures”. For the moment there will be no “generalized lockdowns”, but who knows tomorrow. Scratch, and go.

– Ema ensures that the vaccine of Astrazeneca it is safe and recommended to administer the second dose between 4 and 12 weeks after the first round. Everyone is happy: the European Medicines Agency has finally completed the analysis on the risk of thrombosis post vaccine and it seems everything is ok. However, and this is the point, he also said that on the mix vaccinale (which in Italy is recommended for under 60s) there are no certainties. “Where a second dose of Vaxzevria is not administered – reads a note – at the moment it is not possible to make definitive recommendations on the use of a different vaccine for the second dose”. Question, without controversy: and why does Italy do it? The government website states that we are not “the only country in Europe to allow the vaccine mix approach”. But still not for the EMA.

Claudia Rivelli, Ornella Muti’s sister, pinched with rape drugs at home. The justification? It is used to clean silverware or the car. We live in a wonderful world.

– Marco Cavalleri, head of the task force for vaccines and Covid-19 therapies of Ema, the European Medicines Agency, reports an interesting news: “Towards October” we will have “the first data on new antivirals. There are three in the studio, in pill, very easy to take. If safe and effective, they can also be taken for prophylactic purposes, if for example there is an infection in the family, at school or at work “. Cool, right?


antiCovid pill drug clean Ricciardi today

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