Bloodborne-inspired Chinese soulslike shows up (and it’s breathtaking)

Bloodborne-inspired Chinese soulslike shows up (and it’s breathtaking)
Bloodborne-inspired Chinese soulslike shows up (and it’s breathtaking)

I soulslike they don’t seem to want to go out of fashion, so much so that now one is in the works that really promises to surprise fans.

We are talking about Wuchang: Fallen Feathers, developed by Leenzee Games – a Chinese indie studio founded in 2016 – clearly inspired by classics such as Bloodborne e Dark Souls but in an oriental sauce.

It is also true that the genre of souls seems to be particularly in fashion, so much so SpazioGames we have recently proposed our ranking of the best games belonging to the genre.

Not to mention the new soulslike from the creator of Lara Croft, announced a few days ago at the Opening Night Live for Gamescom 2021.

Now, IGN USA released an amazing video lasting 18 minutes dedicated precisely to Wuchang: Fallen Feathers and that you find in the player a little higher.

This action RPG will take us to the depths of the Ming dynasty inancient China: based on real historical events, Fallen Feathers focuses on the fictional character of Wuchang, and his journey in search of truth.

The gameplay admired in these hours also features English subtitles, showcasing a truly surprising quality of the dialogues.

The locations are also intriguing, dark and claustrophobic, ranging from caves to mysterious forests, with a whole host of colossal opponents to fight.

In short, if the average quality remains at this level (and beyond), the fans of soulslike could have in their hands a game not to be missed.

The release of Wuchang: Fallen Feathers it is generically foreseen for the 2024 on new generation consoles, given that at the moment an exact release date is not yet known.

From August we remind you that a new souls inspired by is available Legacy of Kain e Salt and Sanctuary, really very interesting.

And that after 800 hours spent in Bloodborne, a player has noticed a truly unique and surprising location that escaped a first run?

Finally, take a look also at the special of our Stefania Sperandio in which she tells us about her traumatic (but definitely satisfying) experience in Bloodborne.

If you’ve never approached the soulslike world, Amazon’s price up Dark Souls Trilogy could be a very good reason to do so.

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