Covid vaccines. D’Amato (Lazio): “700 pharmacies involved in the third dose”

“Third dose can be done in pharmacies: 700 have already joined” and in Lazio “we are close to the goal of 85% of vaccinated over 12 years”. After the administration of the third dose in Rieti, yesterday it was Eastman’s turn, Zingaretti also present: “The transplant patients who will receive the third sample dose from 16 to 21 September will be 300”. Meanwhile, tomorrow at Ostia open night with Pfizer.

17 SET – “The first 20 transplanted a few minutes ago received the third dose of vaccine, 150 already booked. It is an audience of 12,000 patients already known and we plan to vaccinate them all in 30 days. For the others, the over 80s will follow first and then the recruitment methods of the past will continue with the same recruitment methods. The novelty is that the third dose can be done in pharmacies: 700 have already signed up ”. The Lazio health councilor said it, Alessio D’Amato, on the occasion of the departure yesterday of the administration of the third booster dose at the “Eastman” hospital in Rome to patients who have undergone a solid organ transplant.

As for the numbers of vaccinations in Lazio, however, “we are close to the goal of 85% of the over 12 years vaccinated”, explained the commissioner.

Already on the morning of Wednesday 15 September the third dose for transplant recipients had started at the ASL of Rieti and yesterday it was therefore the turn of Eastman, with D’Amato also the governor of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti and professor Massimo Cardillo, President of the National Transplant Center, the general manager of the Policlinico Umberto I, Fabrizio d’Alba and the Rector of Sapienza Antonella Polimeni.

President Zingaretti explained: “After the Circular of the Ministry of Health, the first administrations of the third doses of the Covid vaccine were carried out by the ASL of Rieti on 40 citizens who have undergone a solid organ transplant and who have completed the first vaccination cycle. in the last months. Starting next September 20, we will start massively in all companies on transplant and dialysis patients in Lazio. The vaccinations carried out at the Policlinico Umberto I were 157,000, for a total of 83,000 patients, of whom 6,600 were vulnerable. The transplant patients who will receive the third sample dose from 16 to 21 September at the Eastman center will be 300 “.

The patients vaccinated on the first day of yesterday dedicated to the administration of the third sample doses at Umberto I were “63 in the morning and 72 in the afternoon”, explained the president of the Lazio Region. Vaccines are spread over three dedicated medical chairs with one patient every ten minutes.

On Saturday in Ostia the White Night of vaccinations
While tomorrow, Saturday 18 September, starting at 6 pm, the new Tourist Information Point on the Paolo Toscanelli seafront in Ostia will be inaugurated. It will host the headquarters of the Pro Loco Ostia Mare in Rome, and this evening, starting at 10 pm, also the “White Night of vaccinations”.

In fact, a newsstand left closed for many years will officially return to operation in Piazza Anco Marzio, becoming the new Tourist Information Point of Ostia (Pit) and on the opening evening it will be the “Vaccinal Center” hosting the “White Night” of vaccinations, where, without reservation, you will be able to receive your first dose of Pfizer. Vaccination will be handled by the ASL Rm3 starting at 10 pm tomorrow, Saturday 18 September until 2 am on Sunday 19 September.

Lorenzo Proia

September 17, 2021
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