Sossio and Ursula, it’s over. Speak Bennardo: Heavy attack on Aruta

Sossio and Ursula, it’s over. Speak Bennardo: Heavy attack on Aruta
Sossio and Ursula, it’s over. Speak Bennardo: Heavy attack on Aruta

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The former lady of the Throne Over attacks Aruta after the announcement of the end of the relationship: the dark points of the story

Published on September 17, 2021

Out of the blue: Sossio Aruta e Ursula Bennardo they are no longer a couple. This was announced by the former knight of Throne Over of Men and Women, along the evening of Thursday 16 September. The story seemed somewhat strange to most because until a few hours before the couple published sugary photos and honey dedications via social media. There is in fact that he believes that behind everything there is a joke, perhaps orchestrated by a TV broadcast (Hyenas? Seriously?). This thesis, however, faltered after Bennardo attacked Sossio on Instagram. On Friday morning, the former dame in fact released the first public utterances, not holding, regarding the “game over” made known by Aruta.

This is the message of the former UeD knight (removed later from Instagram, ed): “GAME OVER – Unfortunately, I have to sadly communicate that by mutual agreement, Ursula and I have decided to interrupt our romantic relationship due to character incompatibilities. Our history has come to an end, I beg anyone to respect this difficult moment and to desist from seeking other reasons other than those stated “.

Sossio spoke of a decision taken by mutual agreement with Ursula and asked, at the moment, that her privacy be not affected. Many fans of the couple found Aruta’s intervention to be inconsistent with the situation. In particular, they did not look favorably on that ‘game over’ in huge letters which in fact caused an effect with slightly sensationalist nuances in reference to the conclusion of an important sentimental relationship. Even Bennardo did not like the matter, who made up a piccata Stories Instagram, attacking the former partner’s mode of expression.

The former dame, responding to a user who claimed that a love story is not a game and therefore should not be archived with a ‘game over’, commented: “Unfortunately, there are those who live by playing even at the cost of harming the dignity of a family “. Few words, but very focused and heavy. In fact, Ursula speaks of injured dignity and out of context ‘play’. In short, a clear stance.

It remains to understand what really happened in the last hours between Sossio and Ursula. From ‘I love you’ we moved on to ‘goodbye’ and jabs. The ‘joke track’ is also becoming less and less likely, that is the thesis supported by someone on the net who believed that we were facing a fictitious story. Bennardo’s words seem to leave little room for doubt. There seems to be no game in progress at all.

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