Yoshinori Kitase explains the difficulties in creating a great classic – Nerd4.life

Yoshinori Kitase explains the difficulties in creating a great classic – Nerd4.life
Yoshinori Kitase explains the difficulties in creating a great classic – Nerd4.life

Yoshinori Kitase took advantage of the PS Blog to explain what were the highs, lows and difficulty in creating a great classic of the videogame world: Final Fantasy 7, released on PlayStation in 1997.

He explains that “Final Fantasy 7 was a game of first timesIt was the first Final Fantasy to arrive on PlayStation, it was the first installment of the 3D saga and the first to include CG (computer graphics) footage.

Kitase explains: “During the development of Final Fantasy 7, the gaming industry was starting to move from 2D to 3D, focusing primarily on titles developed in Europe and North America. We wanted to produce a title that would take advantage of this. new dimension to bring the characters and story to life more vividly than ever in the series. We were also interested in 3D computer graphics. We had a desire to make the Final Fantasy series something that could last for decades to come. We were able to realize both of these ambitions thanks to a new console: PlayStation. ”

Final Fantasy 7: Cloud with his Buster Sword in front of a Mako reactor

“Working on PlayStation for the first time gave us opportunities we hadn’t previously considered. One of the biggest draws was the enormous (at least at the time!) Ability of the CD ROM. We filled Final Fantasy 7 with a large amount of filmed scenes, which improved the storytelling and allowed us to present a more detailed world than any previous game. The decision to include these filmed scenes was only possible thanks to the memory that CD ROMs offered us. ”

“On the other hand, working with new technology has given us some challenges. Games on CD ROM generally took a long time to load. We worked very hard and really had to innovate to make sure the loading times didn’t feel too long when going in and out of battles and cutscenes. ”

“Even the same cinematic scenes they involved a learning curve – especially for me! We have recruited many artists from the CG industry to do these scenes, and they have brought a completely different working culture to that industry. I didn’t have any knowledge or experience about it, and I failed several times when I directed them. ”

“For example, I remember a time when the first cut of one of the scenes in the movie went back. I had an alternative idea when I saw it and I suggested that change to the artists. In game development, doing that guy. of retake is a common and daily fact … but not in the world of the CG! I didn’t realize that just remaking a second of the footage was a job that would cost millions of yen! Suffice it to say it was a hard lesson to learn! ”

“We worked hard on the game throughout development to include features that would thrill players and innovate the game RPG genre. For example, we’ve built the subject system, which gives players a lot of control over the characters’ abilities, and we’ve created many compelling characters, each with their own deep stories and arcs. ”

“My favourite is Vincent Valentine. It’s an optional party member – so if you’re playing the game for the first time on PS Now, be sure to thoroughly explore a certain mansion … I’ll say more. I like the character because he’s the kind of dark hero that usually appears in horror movies, and the kind of character that didn’t exist in Final Fantasy games before that point. When the game finally came out, we were eager to see if all that hard work would pay off. ”

“Fortunately, Final Fantasy 7 was a success. From the sales figures, I could see it was selling well around the world – but back then we didn’t really have the opportunity to interact with our global fans, so I had no idea how well received it was.

“I only really understood five years later, in 2002, when we released Final Fantasy X for PlayStation 2. I did a promotional tour in Europe and North America for the first time – it was the first chance I had to meet international fans and many of them brought their copies of Final Fantasy 7 for me to sign. It was then that I first felt the level of our success – it was nothing short of memorable. ”

If you want to see how the original game has evolved in Final Fantasy 7 Remake: here’s a video comparing the enemies of the original game with those of the remake.

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