Project Cobalt seems to be the new RPG of InXile steampunk style –

Project Cobalt seems to be the new RPG of InXile steampunk style –
Project Cobalt seems to be the new RPG of InXile steampunk style –

There are still several mysteries regarding the new projects being developed for Xbox Series X|S at Xbox Game Studios and one of those that intrigue the most is the new RPG from InXile, which Windows Central reported appears to be internally identified as Project Cobalt and be a sort of FPS RPG with a steampunk setting.

There have been several rumors about it in the past months: there has been talk of an RPG steampunk potential heir to Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura, which is likely given that the team includes Jason Anderson and Chad Moore, respectively principal designer and creative director of InXile, but both prominent figures at the time of Troika Games.

Then the rumor about the possible first-person RPG started after Wasteland 3, reinforced by the idea that this could be a hybrid on the style of FPS RPG, but in fact nothing has yet emerged about this mysterious game.

Project Cobalt: a concept art of a possible steampunk-style setting for the new RPG Inxile

Jez Corden’s report seems to confirm the setting that had emerged in recent months for the new game in development, that is the basically steampunk style.

Based on the findings of the Windows Central reporter’s investigation, and several artwork published online by various collaborators and developers such as concept artist Aleksander Danilovac, it seems that the mysterious Cobalt may be based on the steampunk style inspired by an alternative and retro-futuristic version of the British Industrial Revolution.

This leads us to imagine Victorian-style settings with crazy machinery, between advanced mechanisms but based on coal and steam and a society that incorporates nineteenth-century characters and other modern and fantastic ones. In any case, we await information on this interesting InXile title, which could arrive in the coming months.


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