ENI rises again. Dividend coming on Monday: how much does it return?

ENI rises again. Dividend coming on Monday: how much does it return?
ENI rises again. Dividend coming on Monday: how much does it return?

Another sign of strength for ENI, which even today breaks the plus sign, going against the trend compared to the Ftse Mib and the other protagonists of the oil sector.

ENI up for the fifth session in a row

The stock, after gaining 0.31% yesterday, rises today for the fifth session in a row, changing hands in the last minutes to € 11.07, with an increase of 0.42% and high trading volumes, given that up to now, over 17.5 million shares have traded on the market, already above the average of the last 30 days of around 14.5 million.

ENI ignores the decline in oil

ENI snubs the weakness of the sector and is not affected by the decline in oil which, after yesterday’s unchanged close, is losing ground and is photographed at 72.2 dollars, down by 0.55%.

ENI sponsored by JP Morgan. New target: upside is greedy

To support the title are also the good news from Jp Morgan who has reserved a promotion to ENI, with a change of rating from “underweight” to “overweight” and a target price raised from 12 to 15 euros, a value that implies a upside potential of more than 35% compared to the current stock prices.

According to the US bank, the transition from the old to the new economy will have positive repercussions for shares in the energy sector.

As for ENI, analysts draw attention to the decarbonization strategy, sensitivity to oil and gas prices and the upside linked to the value of renewables.

ENI: ex dividend on Monday 20 September. That’s what it pays for

To keep the attention on ENI high is also the appointment on the agenda on Monday, when there will be the detachment of the dividend.
In detail, this is the advance on the 2022 coupon, therefore relating to the year 2021.

The down payment is equal to 0.43 euros per share, a value which compared to ENI’s current prices translates into a yield of 3.89%.

The balance of the 2022 dividend, equal to € 0.43, will be paid in May 2022, in line with what happened in previous years.

ENI: focus on the new dividend policy

It should be remembered that on May 24th, ENI paid the balance of the 2021 dividend in the amount of 0.24 euros.
With reference to the 2020 financial year, the overall coupon of ENI was equal to 0.36 euros, more than halved compared to that of 2019, equal to 0.86 euros, a value to which the 2022 dividend was aligned.

It should be remembered that last February ENI, as part of the 2021-2024 strategic plan, defined the new dividend policy.

The new business plan has a minimum coupon threshold of 0.36 euros per share, with a Brent price of 43 dollars per barrel, 2 dollars lower than the previous indication, to then increase with an increasing percentage between 30% and 45% of the incremental Free Cash Flow generated by a scenario between 43 and 65 dollars per barrel.

For 2021 ENI has defined a reference Brent at 65 dollars per barrel, on the basis of which it has established a dividend of 0.86 euros, of which 50% will be paid as an advance on Monday 20 September and the remaining 50% as balance in May 2022.

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