the decision of the judges on Anna Corona. New Life Controversy – Time

the decision of the judges on Anna Corona. New Life Controversy – Time
the decision of the judges on Anna Corona. New Life Controversy – Time

A chapter on the fate of Denise Pipitone and the kidnapping which took place on September 1st 2004 closes. After the rumors of the past months about Anna Corona – it was Quarto Grado who launched the news of her registration in the register of suspects – the request arrived filing presented by the Public Prosecutor of Marsala to the investigating judge. The woman was again under investigation for the kidnapping and disappearance of Denise: the Crown is the mother of Jessica Pulizzi, tried and then acquitted for complicity in the kidnapping of the child, and is the ex-wife of Denise’s natural father. The filing was also requested for Giuseppe Della Key who his deaf-mute uncle Battista had testified to having seen with Denise on a scooter on the same day of his disappearance. To reveal the new developments the Rai2 program Ore 14.

“We have no comment to make on the choice of the Public Prosecutor of Marsala to submit a request for filing, we will wait to acquire the entire file to analyze it and make the decisions that the code of procedure provides” the comment on Facebook by Piera Maggio and Pietro Pulizzi, parents of Denise Pipitone. Even the family’s lawyer, Giacomo Frazzitta, confirmed the recent developments: “We will see the documents, in the notice, just arrived, the charge is not even indicated. On Monday we will make copies of the documents, we will have 30 days to study this amount of documents, over 4,000 pages that were produced in 4 months. The magistrates have done a lot of activity. In some ways it is a sign of attention on the case. I have no doubts about the chief prosecutor and who collaborates with him. At this point, we will abstractly evaluate the possibility of opposing. Not to discredit but in compliance with the cross-examination, it could also be useful for the Prosecutor’s Office. We have made some defensive investigations, we will deposit them too. We must see with great serenity. I have repeatedly said – concluded the lawyer – that we too were doing ours, we were not with our hands. If the choice were that of archiving, we would accept it. We will continue with our research of Denise Pipitone ”.

Meanwhile, in Mazara del Vallo chaos broke out on Anna Corona, who has now become a school assistant. The mothers of the school children in particular protest: “They would have done better to place her in another institution, high school or totally in another environment”. And then again: “We have always been close to Piera Maggio, seeing Anna Corona seems not a nice thing to us, our thoughts represent that of the whole school”. “Piera Maggio had immediately indicated in the Corona family the possible instigators of Denise’s kidnapping. She is not guilty, but in Mazara del Vallo people are on Piera Maggio’s side. And I am not guilty ”the comment of Morena Zapparoli in Afternoon 5.

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