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No longer a fashion but a means of transport increasingly used, especially by young people. But without rules and often in total imprudence, the electric scooter it is becoming a dangerous “weapon”. Accidents are on the rise and fatal ones begin to accumulate, with the capital and its streets already boasting the sad casualty record.

In the first eight months of 2021, 8 people died in Italy involved in accidents with scooters, 7 drivers and a pedestrian (a woman). A toll that worsens in September with two other victims e brings the total to 10. This is the data provided by Asaps – Association of Friends of the Traffic Police Supporters of the Scooter Observatory, activated to better understand the new phenomenon linked to electric micro-mobility.

The cities where the accidents with the death of road users occurred are Roma (two deaths), Milano (elderly pedestrian hit by a group of scooter riders), Genoa, Arezzo, Ravenna, Florence e Sesto San Giovanni. A ninth victim died on 9 September again in Roma which thus passes to three deaths and the tithe on 17 September an elderly a Cesena.

The serious claims recorded by Asaps in the first two quarters of the year were 131 of which 41 with hospitalized injured in reserved prognosis. In the first six months of 2021 they had been 85, with 46 serious claims in the two main summer months of July and August. It should be remembered that in 2020 there was only one death in Budrio (Bo) where a 60-year-old lost his life.

There are over eighty municipalities where there are companies that offer scooter sharing services, which must be remembered are vehicles in all respects, today equated to bicycles. The last cities where these services have been started are Frosinone, Pomezia, Santa Maria Capua Veter, Piombino, mentre a Bologna a service was activated without the permission of the municipal council.

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