“we risk catastrophic consequences from climate change”

“we risk catastrophic consequences from climate change”
“we risk catastrophic consequences from climate change”

The week from September 28 to October 2 a Milano will be dedicated to the fight against climate changes in anticipation of Cop26, which will take place in Glasgow in November. A large schedule of events and initiatives, under the name of ‘All4Climate-Italy2021‘, promoted by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Connect4Climate – World Bank Group, with the participation of the Municipality of Milan and the Lombardy Region and the partnership of Sky. Over 500 events are scheduled and the arrival of 400 young people from all over the world, dozens of environment ministers, heads of state and UN representatives are expected.

From 28 to 30 September, the event will open the agendaYouth4Climate’: two young people from each of the 197 member countries of the UNFFCC (the United Nations Convention on Climate Change) will be engaged in working groups and debates. At the end of the work, the final document will be adopted which will then be shared in the context of the meeting on Thursday 30 September with the ministers involved in the work of the Pre-Cop26. On that same day, in fact, the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, in the presence of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will kick off the Pre-Cop26. Three days of work between governments and delegations from most of the world on key political aspects of the climate negotiation.

The primary objective, in view of Cop26, will be to keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 ° C, “but in doing this, there is a further challenge: that we must do it by trying to level the differences and not to leave anyone behind. It is clear that it cannot be an elite recovery, also because the climate problem belongs to everyone “, said Minister Cingolani. “We will ask 400 young people, who are an immense brain laboratory, to discuss these things, to get to know the current rulers, share their proposals and finally draw up a document that will be brought to Cop26, which is the last step of the G7 journey. , G20, Cop26 ″.

Draghi: “failed to fulfill the promises of the Paris Agreement”

The effects of climate change are already very clear. Over the past 50 years, the number of disasters linked to meteorological events has increased fivefold. Fires are devouring forests, from California to Australia. And from Germany to China, we are witnessing increasingly devastating floods. Italy is facing rising sea levels in Venice and melting glaciers in the Alps“. The Premier said so Mario Draghi in a video message to the Forum of the Major Economies on Energy and Climate (Mef), promoted by US President Joe Biden. “Serious water shortages and droughts are increasingly frequent phenomena and disproportionately affect some of the poorest countries in the world, for example in Africa “, Draghi pointed out.

With the Paris Agreement we are committed to containing global warming to within 1.5 ° C of pre-industrial levels. Most of our countries renewed this commitment at recent G20 meetings. However, we must be honest with ourselves: we are breaking this promise. If we continue with current policies, we will reach nearly 3 ° C of global warming by the end of the century ” with catastrophic consequences“Draghi added. “The latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change stated that, to achieve the goal, we need to achieve immediate, rapid and significant reductions in emissions. We cannot simply rely on others: we must all do our part. Within the European Union, we have set ambitious goals to reduce emissions and achieve climate neutrality. We need to honor our climate commitments and, in some cases, be ready to make bolder ones. And we need to support both our citizens and developing countries in tackling this onerous transition. Italy welcomes the “Global Methane Pledge”. We must reach a common understanding on the need to significantly reduce all emissions of evening gases, including methane, over the next decade. And we must build on the agreement reached at the G20 climate meeting in Naples, which underlines the importance of credible monitoring mechanisms. This is just one of the steps to be taken in the coming months and years. President Biden, I look forward to continuing to work with all of you for a more sustainable and equitable future”Continued Draghi.

The Premier then thanked Biden for hosting “this event, the timing of which could not be more appropriate. In less than two months we will all be in Glasgow for Cop26. The eyes of the world will be on the outcome of our negotiations. On what we will be able to do for the planet and for the next generations “Draghi concluded.

Guterres: “high risk of failure of Cop26”

The world is on a catastrophic path towards 2.7 ° C of global warming. There is a high risk of COP26 failure. It is clear that everyone must assume their responsibilities, we need more ambition in financial matters, adaptation and mitigation “. This was stated by the UN secretary general, Antonio Guterres, at the Major Economies Forum on Energy and Climate.

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