LIVE TMW – Atalanta, Gasperini: “Ko with Fiorentina? In Italy certain episodes are often repeated”

LIVE TMW – Atalanta, Gasperini: “Ko with Fiorentina? In Italy certain episodes are often repeated”
LIVE TMW – Atalanta, Gasperini: “Ko with Fiorentina? In Italy certain episodes are often repeated”

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13.15 – Gian Piero Gasperini, technician ofAtalanta, will intervene in a few minutes at the press conference to analyze tomorrow’s match against Salernitana.

13.30 – Gasperini’s press conference has begun: “They are all difficult games, we start from Salernitana: it is the third in eight days, it will be a good test to understand what we can do in the league. We meet an environment that has great enthusiasm, it will be a delicate match , we have everything to lose. But we have to think about playing and possibly doing well. ”

How’s the team doing? Will there be turnover?
“I have always tried to use the shifts, there are always a few rotations. The match against Villarreal was very demanding. The Champions League gives you a lot from an experience point of view, but it takes a lot of energy. They are all particularly well. , there is only the disqualification of De Roon. Hateboer has been stopped for ten months now. Muriel is improving, we will have clearer ideas next week. In the next few weeks we will try to understand how he is “.

“It may be his chance, he’s a valuable player, but you can see that he has other habits, with Villarreal he used to run a bit in the middle of the field. His inclusion is not so obvious, but precisely because he is a valuable player, you have to also take risks and accelerate a bit. Let’s see, there’s still time. But in a department with De Roon and Freuler it’s hard to get better. “

How do you rate Musso?
“Today the goalkeepers are called to do many things, including playing from behind. But we can’t even complicate things too much to get who knows what. With Villarreal he had a great match.”

How’s Zapata doing?
“Zapata had to speed up his return, but he did well. We ask him to always play, maybe the turnover is done by taking away 20 minutes. For the attackers it often happens in all teams. Playing 60-70 minutes is different than playing 90 minutes. every time”.

Did you expect the performance against Villarreal after the defeat against Fiorentina?
“Both with Bologna and with Fiorentina we have collected only one point, but we have done much more than the opponents. But you know what my thoughts were. We try to file them and pass them over in silence, but there have been very heavy episodes for us which unfortunately in Italy are repeated quite often and always in the same direction. Then we attack and play, but the matches are made up of episodes. In these last two games in the episodes we have been unlucky, so to speak “.

Which team impressed you the most?
“Napoli are very strong, they have a battery of remarkable strikers, they also give you the chance to recover. Milan, even if playing at Liverpool is very difficult, you also need to have a bit of luck to stay in the game. more titled teams, Roma are also scoring a lot. Mourinho has given enthusiasm to a great square, but they have ample room for growth. Juve too, who started badly, and Sarri’s Lazio. But also other teams such as Sassuolo and Fiorentina “.

What do you bring with you from Villarreal?
“You play internationally. You always find teams that have an intensity and a technical precision that you rarely find in Italy. This is the difficulty of Italian teams in Europe. It is hard to keep up, we are less used to this technical precision. . I was worried at the beginning of the second half, but in these competitions there are more faces in the same game. They are good experiences, they are very useful. fewer cards and less VARs, there is much more play. These are experiences that help us improve. ”

The Arechi will be full. What environment do you expect?
“I only lived it for one year, it is an audience that gives push and puts you in a position to give something more. We will have to try to isolate ourselves from the context of the stadium and think about 105 for 68, there we have to get to grips with this match. The races like those of the other night must give us motivation and drive also in the championship “.

“The identity card is that, but I’ve seen him do extraordinary things. He can be a driving player from every point of view. They started with three defeats, if they lost these 3 games there is some problem. I don’t know if they will change. way of playing, but we have to be very flexible “.

What role will Ribery play?
“I expect it either behind a striker or behind two, always depending on the game. We will prepare for both situations.”

“I see a very positive player and with a great desire to be a protagonist, he wants to return to giving something important for the whole environment and the whole team. He is working well, we have to recover him from an athletic and physical point of view, he has a few pounds to remove , this prevents him from having great continuity. But he is in all the games, He is not yet ready to play 90 ‘, he will be going forward in the season. He is still capable of doing fundamental things for us. We play every three days, but for how we are structured it is in all games. Player availability is total “.

The puzzle of the beginning of the season is Miranchuk.
“For me it is not a puzzle, it also depends on what the expectations are. He is not a driving player, but he can be. He can make his contribution, but we are working in that direction, that of making him grow.”

Atalanta has a European mentality.
“All the teams have the mentality, Atalanta have met stronger teams. We are happy with our path, we play in difficult fields, in Spain they appreciated us a lot, they were particularly sporty towards us, it doesn’t always happen. We played against a team that a couple of months won the Europa League, for us it is a great success, since we cannot win the Champions League. We live on these “miserable” satisfactions. Europe has helped us in the league, it has helped us grow up. You play a little different football. “

13.54 – Gasperini’s press conference has ended.

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