Claudia Rivelli, Ornella Muti’s sister ends up on trial: «Drugs? It’s just soap “

Claudia Rivelli, Ornella Muti’s sister ends up on trial: «Drugs? It’s just soap “
Claudia Rivelli, Ornella Muti’s sister ends up on trial: «Drugs? It’s just soap “

When the policemen arrested her for drug possession, she tried to justify herself: that package delivered to her home by a courier did not contain drugs, but simply detergent: “I use it to clean silverware and my son uses it to wash the car. In fact, I had to send this package to him, who lives in London. ‘ This is the meaning of the words used by the sister of Ornella Muti, the 71-year-old actress Claudia Rivelli, who yesterday was in the dock in a courtroom in Rome. The judge validated the arrest, but decided not to apply precautionary measures. And Rivelli, who is now on the loose, will be tried. The appraisal carried out on the orders of the magistrate seems to leave little doubt: inside the bottles found at the woman’s home there was gbl, also known as liquid ecstasy or, more commonly, rape drug.

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The star of the 1970s photo novels was stopped by the Fiumicino airport police, who have been investigating drug trafficking from abroad for some time. The last shipment was directed to the artist’s home, via a private courier. The policemen have been stationed under the condominium of the actress from 10 am on September 15. As soon as the package was delivered, around 12, there was a knock on the door. In addition to verifying that the substance was inside the box, liquid and without color, they found a loose bottle and another one packed on the kitchen table. Rivelli said the sealed bottle should have been sent to her son, who lives in London. He immediately denied the nature of the substance, saying that it was a simple misunderstanding: “They are products that are used to clean the car,” he told investigators. A version reaffirmed also in the classroom.

After a night spent in a security cell, the actress showed up yesterday in Piazzale Clodio, tried and with a bewildered look. Listening to her, this time, there was not a large audience of admirers, but there were magistrates. She arrived on the first floor of the courthouse accompanied by her ex-husband, Paolo Leone. Silk shirt, ballet flats, eyeglasses that masked the worried gaze. Rivelli told the judge she was the victim of a gigantic misunderstanding: «I used the substance to clean the silverware and one of my son’s two cars that remained in Rome. He ordered those bottles on the internet, I am not capable – he told the magistrate – One I had to send to him because he needed it in England, where it is legal, the other arrived at home was an order that had started him in addition, because they did not deliver the first. I always keep a bottle at home to do the cleaning with the maid ». The package containing the one-liter bottle, however, would have arrived first at the home of the mother, who died last October: «It had arrived there because that order was asked by my mother to my son Giovanni. She was the one who introduced us to the properties of this cleaning substance and wanted me to have a spare bottle too. She always used it for silver furnishings and metals ». At the end of the hearing, the prosecutor Mario Pesci asked for house arrest, but the judge decided not to order measures.


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