“Without racing I was fine, but 10 months seemed like 3 years” – Corriere.it

“Without racing I was fine, but 10 months seemed like 3 years” – Corriere.it
“Without racing I was fine, but 10 months seemed like 3 years” – Corriere.it
from Paolo Lorenzi

Andrea Dovizioso makes his debut at Misano with Valentino Rossi’s Yamaha Petronas: «Happy to compete with him, we’ve never met but now we can have fun. Do the old people no longer win? I don’t know why, maybe it depends on the new tire “

«Welcome back Dovi». Many have repeated it to him. With some relief for him who had chosen a divorce from Ducati at the end of 2020, with more bitterness in his heart than prospects in his pocket. Andrea Dovizioso will be back in the race this weekend at Misano. With a Yamaha contract in the Petronas team
, completely unexpected. «I left for the holidays as a motocross rider and I returned as a MotoGP rider. Funny isn’t it? ‘

How heavy is this 10-month absence?
“It seemed like three years and I don’t understand why. And in fact I’m curious to get back on track, but it will take time to find rhythms and dynamics. It won’t be easy because the others already have 13 races behind them and I have to start from scratch with a bike that I don’t even know ».

Unusual, to say the least …
“I would never have accepted it without a different perspective. But in this case the sooner I start the better, thinking about 2022 (when he will have an official M1 as his dowry, ed)».

Have you ever thought you couldn’t get back to running?
“It was actually easier for me to stay at home. And I confess that I would have even liked to leave the scene quietly. Maybe I would have stayed around as a test driver, however it wouldn’t have been a problem to stop. I am consistent, if there is a project I take it into consideration, otherwise I don’t throw myself so much to do something. Without taking anything away from Aprilia… ».

Aprilia seemed to be an announced wedding and instead …
«They have a good bike, I told them right away, but I was looking for something different. I remained on excellent terms, especially with Massimo Rivola, a very good person. The tests with them were useful for both of us, for me to continue riding a MotoGP ».

Did he have an alternative plan, without racing?
“What I had already started doing. The tester or motocross rider. They have been wonderful months, I had just come out of a difficult situation … To vent my passions, without anguish of any kind, the best. Contrary to what people thought, I could have lived without MotoGP ».

Didn’t you lack the adrenaline of the races?
«That, yes, but I’ve had so much before … But when you close a season badly, at first you feel the need less. At home I was much more relaxed, to the delight of my girlfriend ».

In Petronas he will be on a team with Valentino Rossi. What a couple…
“I really like the idea of ​​sharing the latter part of his career with him. Even if he is no longer the driver of the past, the one who was fighting for the championship, he still has great charisma. I recognize all the good and the beautiful about Valentino and the person he is ».

More friends than opponents?
«It’s a pity we didn’t fight for the title at least once. Between us there has always been mutual respect and esteem even without that friendship that comes from frequenting, but only because we live in different ways, not because there was no desire. And in my opinion there will be the possibility of having fun together in the future ».

Together you add up almost 600 races in the premier class.
“Put it this way, we seem to be on the same level. Ten titles in two, but he won nine by himself… ».

The old guard struggles to win, why?
“I don’t have very clear ideas about it. Today only young people are strong and I don’t know why, if it depends on the way they drive, a consequence of a normal evolution of our sport. Or if there are other factors to consider, for example the Michelin tire introduced last year to which the old school riders were unable to adapt ».

What do you lean towards?
“I think the latter factor is the most important. Because this reversal of values ​​coincided with the introduction of the new rear casing. It forces you to drive quite differently, and young people have adapted to it more quickly. I’m curious to find out ».

And maybe measure up to their growth.
«It is true that the new generation are doing very well and that a change of generation is taking place because mine is almost gone. With the exception of Pedrosa and Crutchlow, who, however, are test drivers, it remained Valentino and I ».

Marquez remembered it after the lost duel with Bagnaia in Aragon last Sunday.
«I was pleased because regardless of the titles he won, our duels remained impressed. He is the usual astronaut and he is doing something special because on a physical level he has greater limits than you can imagine. It is a real miracle to see him run like this ».

Next Sunday you could give us a revival.
«I start running and I don’t want to compare myself with anyone. I have to fix the bike as I say, I’m short and I have my needs in the saddle. It will take time. The results don’t interest me now ».

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