Storm on Malpensa, EasyJet flight canceled: Palermo stuck at the airport

Storm on Malpensa, EasyJet flight canceled: Palermo stuck at the airport
Storm on Malpensa, EasyJet flight canceled: Palermo stuck at the airport

Bad weather plagues the Malpensa airport area and also creates inconvenience for many travelers from Palermo. Due to the storm that struck yesterday in the area of ​​the Milan airport, EasyJet flight EJU2811 was canceled, the departure of which to Palermo was initially scheduled for 18.20. After several postponements (the last one had set take-off for 10 pm) the flight was definitively canceled and over a hundred passengers remained in Malpensa.

The violent storm last night blocked the airport for over two hours. Bottom line: flooded roads and runways, as well as internal service areas and underpasses, and diverted flights to other airports. However, many have been canceled, such as EasyJet’s Milan-Palermo.

It has been hours of chaos and tension. All eyes focused for a long time on the monitors, then the news of the cancellation that has thrown into despair several Palermo passengers who, already exasperated by the long wait, eventually had to give up and were transferred to some hotels in the area. The ground assistant, considering the absence of the EasyJet banquet at Malpensa airport, let travelers know that the airline has communicated that it will reimburse passengers for the overnight stay and transport costs even if in many – not having received no communication – they stayed asleep at the airport. Passengers will leave in the morning for Palermo.

“An assistant who handled the emergency told us that the EasyJet flight did not leave because the crew had already exceeded the daily flight hours”, explained a Palermo passenger who was stuck at Malpensa. In fact, a different fate was instead touched on the Milan-Palermo flight by Ryanair (FR1440) which – once the bad weather emergency ended – managed to leave for Sicily in the evening after a few postponements.


Storm Malpensa EasyJet flight canceled Palermo stuck airport

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