Zalukar: central 118 towards Udine. Riccardi: no decision taken

Zalukar: central 118 towards Udine. Riccardi: no decision taken
Zalukar: central 118 towards Udine. Riccardi: no decision taken

TRIESTE. The Regional Health Coordination Agency (ARCS) is looking for a new location. Currently housed within the paglioni B and C of the Sant’Osvaldo district in via Pozzuolo on the outskirts of Udine, property owned by the Friuli Centrale University Healthcare Company, Arcs has launched a market survey to verify possible alternatives.

From recent meetings with the strategic management – so we read in the report on the preliminary program 2022 of the Company – “it emerged that Asufc, in the near future, intends to use the potential of the Via Pozzuolo district to solve the now chronic problems deriving from both the progressive redevelopment of the hospital district both from the state of conservation and the inadequacy of some district offices located in the Municipality of Udine ».

And therefore, after the redeveloped headquarters of Pavilion 6 was destined for occupational medicine activities, contrary to the initial provision of granting it with the free loan formula to Arcs, “the identification of a new suitable company headquarters hosting the institutional activity (offices, Sores, training center) appears to be more and more current and compelling ».

This is enough for an alarm announcement from the regional councilor Walter Zalukar. The exponent of the Misto group gives for certain “the displacement of the 118 emergency station from Palmanova to Udine” and speaks of “Trieste sanitation”. Citing the Arcs decree 135, the Trieste regional councilor does not show any doubts about the move of the Sores “given that the law 27 of 2018 establishes that the Arcs must be based in Udine”. Zalukar further comments: «This completes the plan to place the center of the emergency in the Friulian capital and empty Trieste. A very well thought-out design, which sees the first stage in 2017 with the closure of 118 in Trieste and the concentration of 118 operations centers in Palmanova. Now the second and last stage begins and with the definitive relocation of the single regional 118 power station to Udine. The last joke to our city: after the thunderous announcements of the new 118 headquarters in Porto Vecchio, a note from the regional agency was enough to call us back to reality. Of the rest, the last two regional councils, of opposite color, are united by the desire to bury the Trieste health system ».

But will it really be like this? Riccardo Riccardi, vice president of the Region, assures that the picture outlined by Zalukar “does not exist”: “We are talking exclusively about the institutional activity of Arcs and a market survey to verify a possible new headquarters given the narrowness of the Sant’Osvaldo building “. As for the headquarters of the single 118 central, “the issue will enter the emergency urgency plan”, Riccardi specifies. The timing of the choice, however, is not yet defined.m.b.

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