iPhone 13 Pro, a BEAST according to the tests: here is its secret

iPhone 13 Pro, a BEAST according to the tests: here is its secret
iPhone 13 Pro, a BEAST according to the tests: here is its secret

iPhone 13 Pro (together with the Max version) is one power. On the eve of the opening of the pre-orders, it is legitimate to ask which of the new iPhone is worth buying. There are still no reviews on the devices, which have just been announced. However, it is possible to orient yourself thanks to the first results of the test of benchmark. All models are valid, but the Pro edition is the absolute favorite. The reason? Announced in the keynote, it is soon soon explained.

iPhone 13 Pro is a powerhouse – here’s why

The standard model behaves very well during the tests and reaches very interesting results thanks to the presence of the chip Apple A15 Bionic. CPU performance is almost identical to that of this year’s Pro edition. After all, the chip is the same or almost the same.

Yes, almost the same: when you bring up the GPU change everything. The standard edition has a 4-core GPU while the Pro one has a 5-core one: something the bitten apple made no secret of, making information immediately available during the keynote.

That extra core, positioned right in the graphics card chip, opens up an important performance gap between the iPhone 13 and the Pro variant. Geekbench, the first stops at 10608 points while the second reaches 14216.

Thanks to this, the 2021 Pro model is even the 55% more performing in graphical terms of last year’s model. In short, impressive performances, which somewhat obscure the interest towards iPhone 13 standard, which however (together with the Mini model) remains an interesting choice and defends itself well in terms of GPU compared to the past model: the device is 15% more powerful than its predecessor.

Anyway, this year, iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max seem greedier than ever. I remind you that, regardless of the model you choose, i pre-orders they will depart tomorrow – September 17 – starting at 2 pm local time. You can already find the links Amazon reference for each model: we have listed them all, so as not to be caught unprepared when making a pre-order.

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iPhone Pro BEAST tests secret

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