Femicide of Montecchio, the killer stole the phone: it was all over but he wanted his secrets

Femicide of Montecchio, the killer stole the phone: it was all over but he wanted his secrets
Femicide of Montecchio, the killer stole the phone: it was all over but he wanted his secrets
The intimidation and the shot

Alessandra Zorzin

Thus would have died Alessandra Zorzin, the 21-year-old from Montecchio Maggiore victim of the Paduan Marco Turrin who took her life on Wednesday. He had arrived at his house, in the Valdimolino district, at lunchtime. The latest in a series of visits that had not gone unnoticed by the neighbors. He would have supported the barrel of the gun to the victim’s cheek, in contact with the skin. Alessandra was afraid of not being able to hug her beloved two and a half year old daughter again. Perhaps “Ale,” as most people called her, he had hoped it was only intimidation from the security guard with whom he had tied up for a few months. A terrible threat. But the 38-year-old from Vigodarzere has opened fire on the young woman he was obviously obsessed with, to the point of stealing her phone before entering the apartment door and going out onto the street.

The smartphone passed through the sieve

On the run from the murder scene, Turrin, who took his own life in the evening, hunted by carabinieri and police, must have sifted through messages and photos of the 21-year-old’s smartphone. To understand who he felt with. To probe every aspect of his private life of which he wanted at all costs to be part of it and obviously have a privileged role. But that phone that also for investigators it could contain valuable elements for investigations not found. The killer must have disposed of it on the run, just as he would have done with his cell phone, perhaps fearing that the military who were hunting him might pinpoint his location with geolocation. The 38-year-old spent hours running away so as not to be trapped, even beyond the province of Vicenza. The electronic devices installed along the roads have identified the license plate of his dark car also on the Garda and in Modena. Then, in the evening, he returned to the province of Vicenza.

The same gun

Intercepted in Creazzo, once in West Vicenza, near the toll booth of the A4 motorway, conspicuously hunted by patrols, he stopped the race and turned the gun used to cold the 21-year-old towards himself. A Glock semiautomatic. The 9×21 cartridge case found in the bedroom matches the one found in the cockpit. In any case, there were two weapons that Turrin held, a personal one, which he used on Wednesday and which is now seized, and a second for work, a Beretta. The seals have also been snapped for the apartment in which the tragedy took place, the one that the forensic soldiers have sifted through. In the rooms everything was in order. And also the absence of evident signs of a struggle on the young woman’s body suggests that there was only a discussion between the two, with bright tones, as heard also by the neighbors.

“Don’t worry, he’s just a friend”

However, the certainty that the victim has not also been attacked will only occur with the autopsy already ordered by the prosecutor who has opened an investigation to shed light on the crime. The companion of the victim, Marco Ghiotto, a 28-year-old turner, cannot find peace. The murderer who had met him only a few months earlier, outside the house, cannot understand what happened. Then his daughter’s mother, met a few years ago on social media, told him: “Don’t worry, he’s just a friend.”

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Femicide Montecchio killer stole phone wanted secrets

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