in Rome the message of the unknown author (who risks a fine)

in Rome the message of the unknown author (who risks a fine)
in Rome the message of the unknown author (who risks a fine)

“Vintages slowly”. Without many preambles or turns of phrase, in perfect Roman style, anger catapulted onto a road of Roma with a message in large letters that cannot go unnoticed. A sentence written in white paint that invites motorists to respect the speed limits and that after having appeared a few days ago on the asphalt is now making the rounds of social networks. Between irony and controversy. “In the rest of the world there are bumps, in Rome literature”: writes the Instagram profile of “The Roman post” which publishes the photo of the unknown author without specifying the way.

Rome, asphalt on the Lungotevere cycle path. Raggi: “Work resumed, they said” outrage “but judged at the end of the construction site”

A practice, that of leaving messages on the asphalt, which in fact is quite common in the capital, suffice it to recall when some citizens found themselves reporting holes and tree roots with the yellow spray, from Nomentana to Ostia. Letters, circles and squares which, however, despite the civic intent, according to the Traffic Code modify the state of the road (as if holes or depressions did not do it enough already). Those who trace them, therefore, even if for a good purpose, are liable to fines for soiling. And not even a little. In fact, Article 15 provides for a fine ranging from 41 to 168 euros. Writers warned.


Rome message unknown author risks fine

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