Leicester-Napoli 2-2, report cards / Spalletti has changed the head of Napoli

Leicester-Napoli 2-2, report cards / Spalletti has changed the head of Napoli
Leicester-Napoli 2-2, report cards / Spalletti has changed the head of Napoli

How many “maremme” names each game, in the end he is the most tired. Osimhen scores a high jump goal. Ospinik was not there. Ah if Napoli had a real full-back

OSPINA. There is only trace of the ancient Ospinik once, alas, when kamikazeggia on Barnes in the 6 ‘. Leicester makes three, including the canceled goal, and in those moments, Ilaria, I always felt that the ball went inside, as if the goalkeeper was not there. And let’s not forget that disastrous postponement to 35 ‘, horrendous déjà vu of the era of Poison – 5

Maybe he accused the jet-leg late, certainly it wasn’t a reactive evening – 5

MALCUIT. To the yellow curls of the rediscovered Malcuit we could hang yet another nostalgic and bitter consideration on the so-called full-backs of today’s football. Rightly obsessed with pushing and crosses (and Malcuit brushes one perfect for El Tav in the 45th minute), but when it comes to defending they can turn out to be oratory players. Here, the second goal of the fox Barnes proves all this – 5

Too bad, because he proposes himself well when there is to attack, but he makes too many mistakes and among other things forces Di Lorenzo to move to a band that he obviously does not prefer. I wonder if I’ll still be alive when Napoli finally buys a full-back – 5

JUAN JESUS from 83 ‘. Without vote

Without vote

Rahman. If we want to be inquisitors, we could accuse him of external concurrence in the bullshit of others (see above). Furthermore, he struggles to find a harmony with Kappa Kappa. Sufficiency is narrow – 6

He takes a lot of good will and you can see that he listens to the lessons, but he always seems a bit harnessed, as if he were a very good student but limited himself to what is written in the book – 6

KOULIBALY. Thinking of doing Krol misses the pitch which then leads to one to zero of Leicester. Then he has to play the Red Cross nurse to the rescue of his comrades in a ward that tonight was extremely buttery – 6

Can Koulibaly ever go to the rescue of his comrades and do double work? Isn’t that a waste? – 6

DI LORENZO. He threw himself to the left and carried the cross and succumbed numerous times. Amen – 5.5

He always makes the same mistake. There is his hand in Leicester’s goal. I love this guy, but he’s a repeat offender. The only mitigating factor is that it wasn’t his band – 5

FABIAN RUIZ. With that obscene red jersey edged in yellow, that is Romanista, I would like to call him Er Moviola. In the topical moments, when it was time to make the decisive pass or to shoot, it was slow and the offense. Luckily he managed to serve Victor Victoria for two to one. At least this – 5.5

I thank him for the assist, but I wonder: why doesn’t Fabian always think? At times it seems dull, as if he can’t grasp the right idea, as if he doesn’t even try to find it. Like yesterday – 5.5

ANGUISSA. At the second game he has already become the backbone of Napule. Even if he makes some mistakes compared to Juve but it is physiological in a game with an English rhythm, something else compared to the Italian championship – 6.5

Do you want to play Leicester with Juve seen at Maradona? A Whole Different Story – 6

PETAGNA from 83 ‘. Without vote

Yes, ok, without a vote, but since he came in it’s like something has changed. Napoli did not stop pressing for a second to try to win it. It will be a coincidence

LOZANO. Let’s say, Ilaria, that the unprecedented right dorsal does not favor him, but El Tav always wanders like a shark on the surface of the water ready to strike, even if the condition is what it is. To report that header at 45 ‘- 6

How nice that flight at 45 ‘, Fabrizio, I really believed it. Lozano is not in shape yet, and it shows, but every segment of the game played increases his playing time and confidence. Okay so – 6

POLITANO from 63 ‘. His entrance gives adrenaline and has the merit of the cross for the victorian cabeza of the tie – 6.5

Same goes for Petagna. It cannot be said that he does not harm himself to change the face of the evening. I liked it – 6.5

ZIELINSKI. About San Piotr, Ilaria, we could say various beautiful things tonight, but I won’t forgive him that goal swallowed a few steps from the door – 5

Totally out of shape and not very shiny. In two words: a waste. That goal was practically done and is the emblem of his evening – 5

DIAMOND from 63 ‘. Healthy bearer of locura, in the sense that he gets very agitated. It should understand the difference between motion and movement – 5.5

Do you know that it seemed to me a little more concrete and lucid than usual? – 6

BADGE. Maybe he is tired, maybe not, but he never manages to be decisive and incisive. Having said that, he runs and instead of the tiragggiro he tries the empty shot – 6

He patched Di Lorenzo’s space out of position. On that band he had to work for two – 6

OUNAS from 74 ‘. He, Lozano, Osimhen and sometimes Politano are the only blues capable of skipping the hombre. And that’s not cheap – 6.5

The right sprint per game in the running, the spirit he brings to the pitch is always good for the team – 6.5

OSIMHEN. Lots of shots lost for seventy minutes, although partially offset by a magnificent assist for San Piotr. Then you start to think, Ilaria, that Victor Victoria has lost his magic touch and then instead happily discover that you are wrong. Invent a goal that is only possible thanks to his infinite legs and make another high jump champion head. All standing – 8

I think Spalletti has said everything there is to say about him. He is immature, unaware of his means and his strength. If Spalletti makes him grow, he will become extraordinary. Either way, the two goals were fabulous – 8

SPALLETTI. He spent seventy minutes pissing and cursing at the festival of waste and wrong aim: Osimhen, Insigne, Fabian Ruiz, Zielinski, Lozano, even Malcuit. All our solidarity. For the rest, his Napule was once again able to straighten the game and almost sent the foxes into furrier’s andreottianamente. Matter of mind. A lot – 7.5

I would like to have a fixed camera on Spalletti, to count the “tides” he names each time. Yes, yesterday he was pissed off, and at the end of the game he was exhausted. He made the right changes at the right time and I like to think that the fact that – as Koulibaly says – we did not lose a game that two or three years ago would have cut our legs, is also thanks to him and the character he is giving to this. Naples – 8

REFEREE MARTINS (PORTUGAL). He was close to perfection while whistling a lot – 7

I had forgotten the Europa League matches, the fouls, the constant interruptions and the fear of someone getting hurt.

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