Tinny Andreatta and the Italy of Netflix series: “Free, complex and far from clichés”

Tinny Andreatta and the Italy of Netflix series: “Free, complex and far from clichés”
Tinny Andreatta and the Italy of Netflix series: “Free, complex and far from clichés”

“Today I can do in a more structural way what I did sporadically in Rai,” he says Tinny Andreatta, vice president of the Italian original series Netflix, former director of RaiFiction. In reality, an editorial line that innovated seriality was not sporadic, focusing on literature and on the stories of imperfect women. He left Viale Mazzini in June 2020. In a hotel in the heart of Rome, at the first meeting with the press, he explains how the most important thing – working for a platform seen in 190 countries – is to overcome stereotypes.

“Italy is often still seen abroad as a country of good food and sunshine, of handsome men in undershirts. We feel the duty to move away from stereotypes and to tell the country in its richness and variety ». Among the projects The lying life of adults from Edoardo De Angelis with Valeria Golino, from the novel by Elena Ferrante; Brigands, written by the Grams collective, on the epic story of three brigandesses in post-unification southern Italy; Lidia Poët from Matteo Rovere e Letizia Lamartire, with Matilda De Angelis, set in Turin in 1884, the story of the first lawyer in Italy. Nemesisinstead, it is a mystery thriller on existential themes. Everything asks for salvation from Francesco Bruni, from the autobiographical novel by Daniele Mencarelli Premio Strega Giovani, has as protagonist a twenty-year-old (Federico Cesari) who faces a week of Tso.

«We don’t choose the production companies, we choose the subjects» says Andreatta, «these are the stories we were interested in telling. There is a good relationship with independent production, if new ideas arrive we are happy to implement them. In representing Italy in its positive sides and in the shadows, we intend to build a fascinating and challenging storytelling, breaking up cultural taboos that have often prevented a more comprehensive story ». «We want to show a rougher, more complex, multicultural and free Italy. Stereotypes – he insists – let us leave them to foreigners: every time there is an Italian, a trace of garlic appears. Enough”.

Among the themes “the moral complexity of the anti-heroes and female sexuality which, in a series under development, will be explored in an absolutely lawful but unprecedented way”. No project will photograph the historical moment and politics? “For me, every story has a political reverberation, they are contemporary stories. There is no title at the House of cards, but it is not certain that there will not be ». Among the experiments, Zero from Antonio Dikele Distefano on a second generation Italian with the gift of invisibility: “We are happy with the results in terms of communication and content but he had fewer fans than we expected, there will be no second season”.

September 30 arrives Luna Park from Leonardo D’Agostini e Anna Negri; other titles Astrological guide for broken hearts by Bindu De Stoppani and Michela Andreozzi, from the book by Silvia Zucca; Tear along the edges, first animation series written and directed by Zerocalcare; Incastrati by and with Ficarra and Picone; Fidelity by Andrea Molaioli and Stefano Cipani, inspired by the novel by Marco Missiroli. He specifies that the M series, The son of the century from Antonio Scurati’s work on Mussolini “is not a Netflix project at the moment”.

The tug-of-war with producers accusing the platforms of imposing the transfer of rights in the face of unfair investments? «There is a table that has been open for a year» clarifies Andreatta «in which everyone brings their contribution. Precisely because we came to Italy with the idea of ​​producing in Italy, we try to meet the producers and their rights ».

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