Rome, maxi clearing in Tor Bella Monaca

Rome, maxi clearing in Tor Bella Monaca
Rome, maxi clearing in Tor Bella Monaca

Maxi clearing operation of the Tower 50 of Tor Bella Monaca in Rome. In via Santa Rita da Cascia about 100 men of the police are operating, including police, carabinieri, Gdf, and local police officers. The intent is to free the illegally occupied Ater apartments. The intervention is carried out on the entire building to restore its legality and return the properties to the people who would be entitled to it. The accommodations will then be sealed, blocked and forbidden to access and then returned to the legitimate recipients. The eviction, decided in committee, falls within the line of action desired by the prefect of Rome Matteo Piantedosi.

GABRIELE MOCCIA AND WIFE IN AN APARTMENT – According to what Adnkronos learns, Giuseppe Moccia and his wife were found in one of the illegally occupied Ater apartments. The two were allegedly taken to the barracks by the carabinieri for investigations. Moccia and his wife years ago were assignees of the Ater apartment but following a series of crimes then they became illegal.

The white helmets, coordinated by Stefano Napoli, of the Spe (Public and Emergency Security) Unit, to implement the measures concerning five apartments at number 50 in via Santa Rita da Cascia, issued by the territorial company for public housing. , Gssu (Urban Social Security Group), VI Torri Group and the Judicial Police Unit at the public prosecutors’ offices. Ater staff are present on site, as well as some units of the Police and the Carabinieri. The activities are still ongoing.


Rome maxi clearing Tor Bella Monaca

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