Covid, in Sicily numbers still in chaos with the dead “smeared”: in the data communicated in Rome there are regularly dead victims in previous days and months

Covid, in Sicily numbers still in chaos with the dead “smeared”: in the data communicated in Rome there are regularly dead victims in previous days and months
Covid, in Sicily numbers still in chaos with the dead “smeared”: in the data communicated in Rome there are regularly dead victims in previous days and months

Spread it”In several days, even after months. It happens again and again in Sicily, where the number of Covid deaths is communicated by the Region to theCollege of Health late or even early: the deaths of the previous days or even the previous month. And in one case even of subsequent days: according to what is reported in the tables of the aggregate data of the ministry of Salute and the Higher Institute of Health, in Sicily registered a victim on 15 September who, however – as explained in the footnotes – died on 22 September, seven days later. This is clearly a typo which, however, contributes to drastically lowering the percentage of reliability of the data transmitted from Sicily to Rome.

Especially after the investigation, made known last March 30, which had revealed more than one anomaly in the communication of the numbers relating to Covid by the Sicilian Region. An investigation of the prosecutor of Trapani, then passed to that of Palermo, which he accused the councilor for health and some regional leaders: according to investigators, the data on deaths and infected had been modified to avoid the red zone. A manager, an official and an employee ended up under house arrest. And after the revelations of the interceptions, the first head to fall was that of the councilor for Health, Ruggero Razza, who resigned the same day, although only under investigation. Speaking of the high numbers of coronavirus deaths, the commissioner said to an executive: “Let’s spread them a little …“. That interception was an example of the accusations made by the prosecutors at the top of the Sicilian health system. Three months after his resignation, in any case, the governor Nello Musumeci has decided to place Razza again in his place. On the other hand, the suspension of Maria Letizia Di Liberti, the manager intercepted with the commissioner, was confirmed. In his place, Francesco Bevere, director of the Ministry of Health and former director of Agenas, the national agency for regional health services, was appointed head of the epidemiological observatory on 12 August. A Roman appointment, therefore, “practically a commissioner”As most people define it malicious, given the now poor credibility of the island in the management of the epidemic. Also because in the meantime Sicily has become the first region of Italy to return to the yellow zone.

Despite everything, however, the numbers relating to Covid continue to be anything but linear. An example? Looking at the data of the deceased from 6 to 16 September, it can be easily seen that Sicily is practically the only Region of Italy it is necessary to specify that the numbers reported for that day concern people who actually died on other dates. Other regions do it too, but for a few cases and not on a daily basis. There Campania, for example, September 14 reports a death in March, Lazio on September 15 reports August 3: both regions, however, do not send daily numbers that refer to previous dates as is the case for Sicily. To realize this, you have to point the magnifying glass on footnotes of the form that aggregates the data of the Ministry e of the Higher Institute of Health: it is there that we read almost every day that “the Region of Sicily communicates that the deaths reported today refer to the following days”.

These are not minimal variations but differences that reach up to 22 deaths: that is, people who died on other dates but are counted that day. On September 16, for example, among the 20 deaths reported, only 5 are from the day before and two date back to 16 and 17 August. On the other hand, 29 deaths were counted on 7 September, but that day they actually died solo 3, on the other hand, 12 date back to 5, 5 died on 4, 4 died on 3. 21 deaths reported on 8 September, however, refer to different dates from the same day and the previous one, while They are 12 on 9 September, 17 the next day, 17 on 11 September, 20 the day after. It matters little, perhaps, because the weekly data is not unchanged, although the calendar is for different weeks. But the variation in some cases is still very large. On 9 September, for example, 12 deaths are reported but two died a July: one on 31st and another on 17th. And it is always there, in the footnotes, that one person is also counted among the 28 deaths of September 15th died on 22/09/2021: it is necessarily a mistake in not wanting to believe that in Sicily they have begun to declare the dead in advance. But why does Sicily continue to communicate altered data to Rome, which refer to different days? Contacted on the phone, the commissioner Razza preferred not to answer this question.


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