“They only ask me about Salvini” – Corriere.it

“They only ask me about Salvini” – Corriere.it
“They only ask me about Salvini” – Corriere.it
from Marco Galluzzo

Question and answer in the government on theaters. Franceschini asked to increase its capacity, but Speranza replied: “It’s too early.” And the premier has chosen the second line

The first political datum is that of the times, together with that of unanimity. After weeks of controversy, di criticism from Salvini, the head of government brings home the extension of the green pass obligation painlessly, with no dissent in the Council of Ministers, With the’governing wing of the League that does not make a turn. It has happened other times, in recent months, the fibrillations as well as the criticisms brought back to a synthesis and unanimity; it also happened yesterday afternoon.

If anything, the Lega di piazza, the one that Matteo Salvini carries out almost every day, can say that it has obtained at least two results, linked to as many postponements: postponements that sound like a sort of political exchange, and which can prove to be ephemeral or with concrete consequences. But certainly yesterday the Council could go, even for a first discussion, both the draft of the tax reform and the measure to calm the energy bill. In both cases (in the first the League is firmly opposed to a revision of the cadastral rules) there will first be a point of political reflection, then the measures will be defined.

It is curious, but not too much, that Giancarlo Giorgetti was one of the ministers who intervened the most. At the end of the Cdm he explicitly asked not to go to the press conference, “otherwise they just ask me questions about Salvini», But on the leader of the League he somehow returned to his colleagues, making himself the bearer of at least a couple of requests, first of all the one on discos, on a greater favor in evaluating the rules for reopening, and in this case Mario Draghi accepted the spirit of the question, postponing the evaluation until the end of the month. It is just as curious that the League Minister Garavaglia, representing the sector, has asked for the extension of the obligation of the green pass also for ski resorts, which evidently were not contained in the provision.

As always the head of government was of few words, he congratulated the Minister of Education for the reopening of schools, focused on some technical details, remarked that the one for the extension of the green pass obligation in all workplaces is “a decree to continue to open the country”, and that where an obligation is introduced, it is it does in all places “where the control of the rules is allowed and easy”.

There was also back and forth between the Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini and the owner of Health, Roberto Speranza. The Pd minister reiterated the request to enlarge the maximum capacity of cinemas and theaters. The LEU leader replied that we have to wait “a few weeks and see how the country holds up to the opening of the school”. In this case Draghi has chosen the prudent line of the owner of Health, postponing to the end of the month or a little later, when the data coming from the school world will be clear. But he promised that the requests will be investigated and eventually accepted, as in the case of discos, if the data are favorable. What then Draghi has chosen not to go to the press conference, leaving some ministers to illustrate the provision, is perhaps also another political choice: he got what he wanted, there was no need to emphasize it even in front of the media.

September 17, 2021 (change September 17, 2021 | 07:12)


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