Champions League: Amazon Prime Video mentions TIM inefficiencies during Inter – Real Madrid –

Champions League: Amazon Prime Video mentions TIM inefficiencies during Inter – Real Madrid –
Champions League: Amazon Prime Video mentions TIM inefficiencies during Inter – Real Madrid –

During yesterday, 15 September 2021, TIM presented some disruptions and network problems, as reported by several users. In some cases, the problem did not allow to see the Champions League on Amazon Prime Video, since it occurred in the second half of Inter – Real Madrid.

As anticipated yesterday by MondoMobileWeb in a short post Telegram, the outages to the TIM network were reported by some customers of the operator in two different time slots, namely in the afternoon, around 18:00, and in the late evening, around 22:30.

Either way, customers mostly complained difficulties in navigation or real interruptions of the service, mainly on the fixed network. The reports arrived on the operator’s official social channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, but TIM did not respond by providing a note confirming the disservice.

However, some of these reported problems occurred during the Champions League match streamed on Amazon Prime Video, or Inter – Real Madrid.

Thus, some TIM customers with an active subscription to Amazon Prime Video reported the disruption in the social pages of the company’s streaming service, announcing that they were not able to watch the second half of the game due to some sudden interruptions.

On several occasions, however, during the day today, Amazon has officially responded to customers on social media, highlighting that any problems during the streaming of Inter – Real Madrid would have been caused by a problem with the TIM network.

Below is the comment of Amazon Help in social:

“Hi, some customers who have seen the Champions League match on Prime Video may have encountered problems due to a problem in the TIM network. We will work with TIM to prevent this from happening again. We apologize for the inconvenience”.

As Amazon reports, therefore, for those who have experienced inefficiencies while streaming Amazon Prime Video, the problem would be attributable to the TIM network and not to Amazon’s servers. Either way, the two sides will work together to prevent the problem from happening again in the future.

Net of the disruption in question, customers have not reported any other problems or interruptions related to the streaming video of the Champions League on Amazon Prime. However, it cannot be excluded that other customers, not necessarily on the TIM network, have experienced slowdowns in the connection, probably caused by the quality of their network. Overall, however, no mass reports emerged other than that relating to the TIM problem.

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