Roma-CSKA Sofia 5-1, the report cards: Pellegrini capital, Carey the only one to try

Roma-CSKA Sofia 5-1, the report cards: Pellegrini capital, Carey the only one to try
Roma-CSKA Sofia 5-1, the report cards: Pellegrini capital, Carey the only one to try

Rome 5-1 CSKA Sofia
(10′ pt Carey, 25′ pt Pellegrini, 38′ pt El Shaarawy, 17′ st Pellegrini, 37′ st Mancini, 39′ st Abraham)


Rui Patricio 6: He can do nothing about the goal, for the rest a very quiet evening.

Karsdorp 6,5: I start shy like the whole team, then grow at a distance reaching the bottom and cross with great continuity without ever suffering from behind. Sforna the assist for the equal of Pellegrini. He goes out for muscle fatigue. dal 45° Ibanez 6: He places himself on the left paying more attention to the cover than to the thrust.

Mancini 6,5: Start in shock like all the defense on Carey’s goal. Then nothing is wrong anymore also because CSKA stings little in its parts. In the final he also finds the goal.

Smalling 6: See teammate. He returns to the owner and after the uphill start he plays a race without flaws. He hits a sensational pole in the final, which Mancini transforms into the net.

Calafiori 6,5: In the first half he starts a bit shy, but then grows at a distance gaining more and more field until he churns out the assist for the 3-1 in the second half. dal 75 ° Kumbulla 6: He does not suffer in the final by locking the lane of competence.

Villar 5,5: Accomplice of the rear guard in the crush that leads to the Bulgarian advantage. He struggles to shake himself and dictate the timing of the action, alternating some good throwing with moments in which he takes a break. It must grow in condition. From the 56th Cristante 6: He gives more balance to the Giallorossi midfield in a match that is getting easier and easier.

Diawara 6: He lowers himself a lot, almost playing as a third defense when Roma goes to the assault to overturn the result. Better in interdiction than in the construction phase, it comes out when Roma gets too low in the second half. From the 56th Veretout 6.5: Another step compared to his teammate and above all another foot. Nearly an Olympic goal from the corner.

Carles Perez 6: Some good ideas, a couple of conclusions from a distance and little else. The least brilliant of the Giallorossi attack.

Pilgrims 7.5: Two goals to start and close the Giallorossi comeback: the first splendid, the second lucky. In the midst of an impressive continuity, always in the heart of the game at the service of the team. Other capitalized performance -. from 73 ° Abraham 6.5: Enter and score his first European goal in the Giallorossi. What else to ask a striker?

El Shaarawy 7: He wants to put Mourinho in difficulty and earn a starting shirt. With the performance, and the goal, he certainly earns points tonight. It will be an important weapon for the Lusitanian coach throughout the season.

Shomurodov 7: Lots of forward movement to press all ball carriers. He touched the net on two or three occasions stubbornly looking for the goal in the final, but without luck even hitting a post. But he gave the assist for Abraham’s goal.

Mourinho 7: He transmits tranquility after the uphill start, he raises the external defense by tightening the attacking ones and putting CSKA Sofia in great difficulty, which melts like snow in the sun at long distance. It rotates a lot of players by getting positive feedback from almost everyone.


Busatto 6: He surpasses Shomurodov on two occasions and is always careful in the exits. He can’t really do anything about goals as he is abandoned by the defense.

Turitsov 4.5: He is overwhelmed by both El Shaarawy and Calafiori. He struggles a lot to keep up with opponents who sink too easily. From 73 ° Donchev sv: Enter a compromised race

Mattheij 5: The man of experience of the defense fails to assert it. In the final he was shipwrecked with the whole team, unable to keep up with the Giallorossi strikers.

Galabov 4,5: He is even worse than his teammate, Shomurodov runs away from him on too many occasions and is not quick enough to close Pellegrini and El Shaarawy when they kick from the edge.

Mazikou 5.5: Karsdorp and his advances suffer, but at least he shows up every now and then to give support to the offensive maneuver.

Yomov 5: He plays further back than usual and fails to score. He struggles a lot in the cover phase, losing many duels and cannot support the offensive action. From 66 ° Bai 6: Last year he played in the French fourth division (and eliminated Marseille in the French Cup), today he makes his debut in Europe even touching the goal. Nice story.

Muhar 6: Together with Carey he is the one who tries the most, especially from a distance. One of the last to lower the flag.

Lam 5: Central defender of the role moved to the middle of the field to limit Pellegrini. He fails and takes a setter from CSKA in the middle of the field.

Wildschut 4,5: He fails to affect the offensive phase despite some good ideas. Ruins an unmemorable performance with a naive and avoidable expulsion.

Carey 6,5: Ready away immediately puts the Giallorossi defense in difficulty by scoring the goal of the illusory Bulgarian advantage. Play on the trocar creating some headaches for your opponents and try to keep the game open.

Krastev 5: Replacing Caicedo is not easy and the young Bulgarian tries hard, but without being able to win against the Giallorossi central. A lot of movement, but zero shots on goal. It still has to grow for these stages. from 87 ° Ahmedov sv: Enter the final, but the race is already over.

Mladenov 5: Fields a team with very narrow lines and gives the keys to the game to Carey who is not supported. His changes are counted, especially in defense, also due to some particular choices. His team after a good start goes out and is overwhelmed by Rome without him being able to shake it.

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