600 more “cast iron” and tax cuts – Corriere.it

600 more “cast iron” and tax cuts – Corriere.it
600 more “cast iron” and tax cuts – Corriere.it

If I’m going to be the next mayor, with the first two resolutions of the council, Luca Bernardo will hire 600 brigades and abolish the additional personal income tax for under 35s that create new businesses. My first measures will be clear: a call for the hiring of 600 new local police officers, with the enhancement of the neighborhood policeman, essential for making women and the elderly feel safer, and the suspension of the Tari for commercial businesses in difficulty economic. This last measure will be associated with the abolition of the additional personal income tax for those under 35 who create new businesses. Already on the agenda, adds the center-right candidate for mayor, relief on Tari for second homes and vacant shops: The last 10 years of administration have been characterized by an unprecedented increase in local taxation; for citizens and businesses it was a constant drain. Instead, we will reduce the tax burden and current spending.

The pediatrician of the Fatebenefratelli has to come to terms with the results of the latest polls that are certainly not positive neither for him nor for the center-right. According to Ipsos, Sala would be one step away from victory already in the first round and ahead of almost 15 percentage points on the challenger. I continue my discussions with the Milanese citizens. The only real poll will be held on 4 October when the election results arrive. In the worst case scenario in which I lose the municipal elections, I will certainly remain in the city council because what I promised the Milanese citizens to be close to them, not only as a doctor but also as a councilor, added Thursday interviewed by Radio Capital. As for the divisions within the center-right and in particular to the competition between Lega and Fratelli d’Italia, he cut short: I think separate rallies are necessary and important, but the best thing is that we are organizing an event together with the whole coalition, we do not yet know the date and place. We will close the election campaign all together. Coalition leaders feel they are all close and Matteo Salvini so often that we hope not to make my wife and his fiancée jealous.

Meanwhile, spokesman Alessandro Gonzato resigned. Waiver motivated by professional incompatibility. Journalist of Free, Gonzato had assumed the post last August 4th.

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