Kean bis to Juventus: “Coming back here is the right choice. And now I feel ready”

Kean bis to Juventus: “Coming back here is the right choice. And now I feel ready”
Kean bis to Juventus: “Coming back here is the right choice. And now I feel ready”

It has already started on the pitch but in fact in front of press cameras and microphones, it officially started today Moise kean bis at Juventus. The blue tip was (re) presented at the conference.

What are the emotions of the return to Juve?
“Wearing the black and white shirt has always given me great emotions. Coming back was the right choice and I’m happy and ready for this new challenge ”.

You have often talked about your relationship with Grabbi: what are the values ​​that Juve’s youth sector has transmitted to you?
“Grabbi has always been close to me, he gave me a lot of advice. More than a coach he was like a father with great advice, I’m so grateful to him.”

How much have you changed since you left and how much has Juve changed?
“I feel very lucky, for a boy of my age I was lucky enough to know many championships like the English and the French one. I came back with a lot of experience and this helped me a lot and now I’m ready to give 100% for the team. “.

What did you learn at both Everton and PSG?
“They were great experiences, I learned a lot of things. I was very lucky, I learned a lot of things in the world of football that I didn’t know. I’m here to give a great hand to a great club like Juventus.”

Do you feel the burden of arriving immediately after Ronaldo?
“No, no weight, I’m here to give a big hand because it’s the team where I grew up and where I had good times. I’m here to play, I don’t feel any weight but I feel more responsible for wearing the Juve shirt”.

What Juve have you found?
“I found a young team but also with highly experienced players. We didn’t start well but Juve have great goals and I’m sure we can achieve great results.”

Did you think you would come back when you left?
“Juve has always been in my heart, they gave me a great hand to make myself known. Number of goals? I’m not fixated on it, if I do a lot better but I’m here to help the team and aim for all the goals “.

You have already scored at Milan, what memories do you have of that evening?
“It was an unforgettable evening. We had a great match, but the past is the past and if we live in the past we won’t go forward. On Sunday we have a great match and we will make our contribution.”

How did you find Allegri?
“The coach always wants to aim high. He taught me a lot of things, especially when I left Juve. He will give us a great hand and it will do good, I am sure ”.

Could you have returned to Juventus last year? Have you been close to other teams?
“I’ve always had Juve in my heart, wearing this shirt always gives great emotion. As soon as I had the chance to return, I did it ”.

Now that you are no longer a boy, what can you give?
“When you wear the Juve shirt you always have to go out sweaty, give 100% for the result. We must aim high ”.

What happened on the occasion of the Napoli goal?
“I was not lucky to push the ball out of the area. Now the game is over so let’s go on, the race in Malmo gave us great confidence to continue ”.

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