Increase in bills? Pay those who have slowed down decarbonisation

Increase in bills? Pay those who have slowed down decarbonisation
Increase in bills? Pay those who have slowed down decarbonisation

One of the objectives of the circular economy is to significantly reduce waste and polluting processes and consequently impose on companies responsibility for waste and emissions that are making our seas unsuitable for bathing, our pine forests not accessible, and contaminating our lands and our air.

I wonder where it is the responsability of some of the energy companies that in recent years have done everything to do lobbying on parliament and government to mine oil in Basilicata, in our seas and drilling where they could. Companies that have done everything to defend and remunerate the production of fossil energy, which the renzism allowed without a shot hitting. These energy policy choices have evidently slowed down the decarbonisation process and it is largely to this that the negative trend in our country’s energy costs can be attributed. Now the 40% increases in Italian bills should be paid by all Renzi.

If we look for political responsibilities we find them very easily by discovering who has held back the expansion of photovoltaic in Italy – with the right-wing governments that have hindered the incentive policies for renewables, sending many new companies, including high-tech ones, to the pavement – and those who defended the fossil industry.

Photovoltaics are back to gallop with the M5S in government. According to the Statistical Report of the Energy Services Operator (GSE) on photovoltaic solar, throughout 2018, the first year of government count 1, 48,000 new plants were registered, reaching a total power of approximately 22.654 Gigawatt (Gw) and increasing by 9,8% compared to 2017 the installed power.

In 2019, for the first time in Europe, wind and photovoltaics together produced more electricity than coal, which collapsed instead of 24% compared to 2018.

If before 2018 governments had done more today we would not have these price increases because, as stated by the executive vice president of the European Commission and responsible for the Green deal, Timmermans, “The prices of renewables have remained low and stable” and this must be a stimulus to “accelerate” towards the ecological transition, a challenge that can only be won on the double track of saving the planet, everyone’s home and saving the weakest .

It is in this context that the government must consider intolerable i 19 billion in subsidies harmful to the environment that are still distributed by our tax system to polluting companies, which are damaging the rest of the Italian business system and which can be used to eliminate the price increases for bills.

It is evident that those who have continued to pursue wicked and guilty behaviors in the production of CO2, altering all the balances of the biosphere, the territory and the climate in which we are immersed, certainly cannot hide behind the lack of awareness. The fragility of our planet – against which every aggression represents a real crime against humanity – has been known since 1972, with the first scientific volume entitled The limits of development, in which MIT researchers reported the data of the aggression of nature by our economic system of production and consumption.

If we want to give some mitigating circumstances, we cannot go beyond 1992, when, on a global level, all economic and political actors were well aware of the disaster, given that the UN had come to approve the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which will become the main international treaty to combat climate change to prevent dangerous influences on the global climate system.

It is therefore evident that the richest men in the world, the billionaire companies, have contracted a massive debt. They have taken and extracted everyone’s good and resources from the planet, undermining that “Natural Capital” which constitutes the vital patrimony of all humanity and attributing the colossal cost to future generations. In practice, they are stealing air, clean sea, forests from our children and grandchildren, increasing our debt to the planet every day.

All of us citizens see a daily degradation of the beaches and parks we frequent, all of us who, year after year, suffer more and more from the heat in the summer and risk our lives in the winter amid weather warnings, ledges that detach from balconies or trees that break. All of us are increasingly aware of the need to change our development model but, first of all, the costs of this transition, of this debt with nature, must be paid by the billionaire companies that generated it so as not to fall entirely on weakest, on our children and on the whole community, and they have to do it before the planet goes in bankruptcy.

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