Star in the star, Elton John and Massimo Di Cataldo: the detail infuriates

Star in the star, Elton John and Massimo Di Cataldo: the detail infuriates
Star in the star, Elton John and Massimo Di Cataldo: the detail infuriates


Ilary Blasi has unveiled the name of the first competitor eliminated at the end of the first episode of the new Channel 5 show

Published on September 17, 2021

Unveiled the first competitor of Star in the star, the new Canale 5 show presented by Ilary Blasi. Under the guise of Elton John he was hiding Massimo Di Cataldo, singer very popular in the nineties thanks to the hit hit If you go now. Di Cataldo lost the second heat of the evening and at the end of the episode he had to clash with Madonna, who was saved by the jurors Marcella Bella, Andrea Pucci and Claudio Amendola.

The unveiling of Elton John’s mask left everyone speechless: no one had done the name of Massimo Di Cataldo during the episode. His performances, however, did not fully convince the judges and the audience present in the studio that he was called to vote.

The choice to have Massimo Di Cataldo in the cast of the first edition of Star in the star infuriated the audience. The reason? The artist born in 1968 he has participated in the past in Tale and Quali Show, the broadcast of Rai Uno which is partly inspired by the new format launched by Ilary Blasi.

Massimo Di Cataldo participated in Tale and Which Show

Massimo Di Cataldo participated in the 2018 edition and subsequently in the Super Tournament of Champions. In recent years he has therefore been a protagonist of Tale and Which Show aired on Rai Uno. A real affront for many viewers who have thus unleashed the controversy sui social network.

“Not only the mechanism, they also copy the competitors”, someone wrote on Twitter. Others, however, expected a stronger name than that of Massimo Di Cataldo, who in 2017 took part in Now or never, the Amadeus program to revive artists who have fallen into oblivion. Precisely this format proved to be a springboard for Di Cataldo, who thus landed on Tale and Which Show.

“With all due respect to Massimo Di Cataldo, however, under the plastic we expect more prominent singers, let’s put it this way!”, one user pointed out. “Leading singers don’t need this”others replied. But the viewer was adamant: “Albano went to the Masked Singer!”.

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