certified after first vaccine dose. Full text of the decree

certified after first vaccine dose. Full text of the decree
certified after first vaccine dose. Full text of the decree

Without the Green Pass from 15 October it will not be possible to enter any place of work, public or private. Prime Minister Mario Draghi extends the obligation to over a third of Italians. With a squeeze accompanied by controls and sanctions, but only for the purpose – he explains to his ministers – to “continue to open the country” and avoid new closures. The go-ahead from the government is unanimous, despite the discontent of Matteo Salvini and part of the League. The goal is to give the vaccination campaign the necessary boost to reach 80% of the population by mid-October. Workers, but also mayors, governors, institutional leaders are given a month to adapt, with the first dose of vaccine. Then from mid-October to access workplaces if not vaccinated or cured from Covid they will have to swab every 48 hours (72 hours if molecular), otherwise they will incur suspension from work or salary and fines of up to 1500 euros.

Compulsory green pass for 23 million workers: wages stop from day one

Mandatory green pass, suspension from work (and salary) after 5 days without

Green pass mandatory for all workers

.The green light for the “super Green pass” comes after a long discussion in the government control room, after a discussion with the Regions and an hour of examining the rules in the Council of Ministers. The request of the unions and the League for free tampons for all unvaccinated workers does not pass, but will only apply to those exempted from the vaccine and pharmacies (with penalties for those who do not comply) will be obliged to apply controlled prices for all others. Giancarlo Giorgetti gives the League’s yes to the new decree and gets the green light to a rule – approved in the evening as an amendment in the House committee – to extend the validity of molecular swabs to 72 months. The Northern League minister in the evening is absent at the press conference to present the decree, in which Brunetta and Gelmini for Fi, Speranza di Leu and Orlando del Pd participate, but from the ministry they explain that Giorgetti is absent for previous commitments, not to distance himself.

The tension in the majority, however, remains: Draghi is betting everything on the Green pass and for now abandons the idea of ​​compulsory vaccination, which between the parties would be even more divisive. The measure expressed convinced support by Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi, the ministers of Forza Italia, a more cautious green light by Giuseppe Conte (“A useful measure,” he says). Salvini, on the other hand, seems to keep his doubts. And Giorgia Meloni affirms that the choice of the government has no equal in the world. The choice, therefore. It is to ask for the Green pass to anyone “who enters through a door to do his job” (this is how Renato Brunetta puts it). Therefore it is valid for public employees, independent authorities, Bank of Italy, for all holders of elected or institutional offices, for all private workers, both employees and self-employed persons, from lawyers to architects, from plumbers, up to home helps and carers.

Certified immediately after first dose

Wherever it can be controlled, the obligation comes into effect. So, explains Brunetta, not on local transport, for example. The only limit is the government meets in the constitutional bodies, the Quirinale, the Chambers and the Constitutional Court, which have self-declarations, that is, they govern themselves, and therefore are invited to adapt (in a draft the deadline of October 15 appeared, then it disappears). In Parliament, however, the debate opens: the Northern League led by Claudio Borghi says no. As for the sanctions, it will not be possible to dismiss the worker. In the public, the suspension of the salary will come after 5 days without a Green pass, in the private sector from the first day. And then for the lack of controls by employers, fines ranging from 400 to 1000 euros, for violations of workers from 600 to 1500 euros.

The discussion among ministers is animated on the topic of smart working: what to do to prevent a No vax from asking to always be exempted from work in the presence? In the public, there will be a tendency to return to the office, explains Brunetta, while Orlando observes that in the private sector the rules will be revised with agreements between the parties. Then there is some tension on the request of Minister Dario Franceschini to immediately eliminate the capacity limits for cinemas and theaters, from the moment that you enter with the Green pass. The question and answer with his colleague Roberto Speranza is repeated in the control room and on the CDM (but Speranza denies that it is a clash).

The Minister of Health argues that we cannot proceed before seeing how the infections will go at the end of the month, when we will see the impact of the reopening of schools. Franceschini insists, but Draghi embraces the line of Hope: by September 30 the CTS will decide on the distancing in all closed places, even those of work, then the government will evaluate whether to change the rules, for events – the orientation appears favorable – but possibly also in factories. Giorgetti obtains that the reopening of the discos (Northern League workhorse) is also evaluated and asks that employers not pay social security contributions for suspended workers.

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