the molecular swabs will last 72 hours

the molecular swabs will last 72 hours
the molecular swabs will last 72 hours

“The Scientific Technical Committee has already given a favorable opinion to extend the validity up to 72 hours only if they are molecular. The others stay at 48 hours ”. Therefore, the Green pass issued on the basis of a test, with a negative result, is valid for forty-eight hours from the execution of the “rapid antigen test and for 72 hours from the execution of the molecular test”. An amendment to the green pass bis approved in the Constitutional Affairs Committee in the Chamber provides this and was confirmed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza at the press conference on the new green pass decree, which extends to all workers from October 15, for which no provision will be possible that leads directly or indirectly to dismissal, but to the suspension of the salary (and consequently also to the retirement salary) yes.

“In this way we make places safer and we make the vaccination campaign stronger”, reiterated Speranza, recalling that the numbers are encouraging, “but it is clear that the wider use of the Green Pass will help us push more on the vaccination campaign. “. Furthermore, the Minister of Health, with reference to the new Decree, has re-launched the importance of pharmacies, where tampons can be administered according to a memorandum of understanding already established between commercial activities and the Civil Protection. That is, controlled prices.

In fact, the decree provides that pharmacies “are required to ensure the administration of rapid antigen tests for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 antigen, according to the methods and prices provided for in the memorandum of understanding. In the event of non-compliance with the provision referred to in the first period, the administrative sanction of payment of a sum ranging from € 1000 to € 10,000 is applied and the territorially competent Prefect, taking into account the needs of the continuity of the pharmaceutical assistance service, can order the closure of the activity for a duration not exceeding five days “. So certainly with controlled prices: 8 euros for minors and 15 for adults, with exemptions for people exempt for health reasons.

Green Pass obligation for over 23 million workers

Words relaunched by the Minister for Simplification and Public Administration Renato Brunetta, who remarked that the obligation of the Green Pass starts from 15 October until the end of the year, when the emergency will expire. He, who deals with simplifications and public administration, stressed the obligation, as well as for the private and public, also for volunteering, home helps, babysitters, VAT numbers and administrative organizations, with the exception of the constitutional bodies.

“There are 4 million workers missing and so – continues Brunetta – we are going to touch the whole world of work and we are talking about 23 million workers, all the human capital of the country”. Then he recalled that “we have little time to prepare this strategy in the best possible way, using the experience of the school, where everything worked: controls, monitoring systems”.

Minister Gelmini, on the other hand, remarked how this strategy is shared with the institutional representatives of the local authorities: mayors, presidents of the province and governors. “We want to protect the spaces of freedom conquered with great effort, for health, but also for economic activities. Not surprisingly, in the decree, there is an important passage, for which, in the coming weeks, based on the trend of the infections, there may be an increase in the activities that have opened, with a reduction in the rigidity tools to combat the virus”.

The new decree extending the green pass obligation: fines of up to 1500 euros

The Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando concluded, explaining how this measure is a further step to avoid the obligation to vaccinate and with it the further polarization of the fields of discussion.

The Social Affairs Committee of the Chamber also approved an amendment to the Green pass 2 decree of the Valle d’Aosta deputy Elisa Tripodi, vice-president of the 5-star Movement group, which provides for the possibility of using the “green pass” for access to cable cars, gondolas and chairlifts, “without limitations to the sale of tickets and therefore to the number of seats that can be occupied by passengers”, explains Tripodi in a note. For the deputy, “it may be the tool that will guarantee the full resumption of skiing: a priority for the destiny of our mountain areas”. Tripodi adds: “I have always maintained that working on the entire winter holiday tourism sector should be a priority for Parliament and for the Government. To work in time precisely to ensure certainty for tourism operators”.

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