“Maria De Filippi will win.” Then shot at Fialdini – Libero Quotidiano

“Maria De Filippi will win.” Then shot at Fialdini – Libero Quotidiano
“Maria De Filippi will win.” Then shot at Fialdini – Libero Quotidiano

The clash with Friends don’t worry Mara Venier. On Sunday 19 September, in fact, on Sunday Rai1 will start and will have to clash with the departure of the talent show, now in its twenty-first edition, which this year will be broadcast in advance. Usually the lessons in the school of Maria De Filippi they always started in November, but this year the intention is quite different. Venier, during the press conference to launch the program, announced that she will record Amici to be able to watch it at a later time. and then threw a dig at Francesca Fialdini.

“Maria De Filippi is a great friend of mine. She called me to tell me she was going to go for two episodes against Domenica In. What can I say? I will register Friends. Because it is a program that I love and have been following for years. As soon as I get home I’ll look at it. It is clear that Maria’s is a battleship. She will win. At this point I believe that yes, that also counts. But, in short, we are two professionals who do their job with passion and heart and this is what matters, “she said.

But he didn’t answer a question about Here … Freewheeling, not revealing whether or not it will launch the Fialdini program. “I will not answer because I do not like controversy. The others make controversy towards me. I don’t like controversy. I’m talking about my work and that’s it “. She then confirmed her idea of ​​saying goodbye to Domenica In, although she stressed that every time it is proposed to her, she takes time to better reflect on what to do.

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Maria Filippi win shot Fialdini Libero Quotidiano

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