Red Lab Gallery presents the exhibition “A wild patience” | Milan news

Red Lab Gallery presents the exhibition “A wild patience” | Milan news
Red Lab Gallery presents the exhibition “A wild patience” | Milan news

The Red Lab Gallery, in via Savona 46 in Milan, will host a photographic retrospective of the artist from 23 September to 30 October Arianna Sanesi entitled “A wild patience”.

The curator explained Giovanna Gammarota: “In the work of Arianna Sanesi presented here, the sequence of images is proposed in the form of triptychs. Three is a number that suggests a “passage”: a transformation. It starts from one point, stops at another, and then continues further […] Each group of images is therefore crossed by a common thread that becomes an expression of the “passage”. You enter and exit by advancing in a flow that gradually transforms us, we leave and arrive and then start again because stopping is not contemplated ”.

The title of the exhibition “wild patience” evokes the opening words of the poem “Integrity” by Adrienne Rich, a contemporary American poet and essayist, and through her the artist invites each of us to dig into our own deep stories, to go further and to make visible what is not or simply what is missing, thanks precisely to that “wild patience” understood as the primordial, creative and authentic part that is found in all of us.

His photographic works recall the solemnity and sumptuousness of the nature that surrounds us and that is within us; images that to be welcomed and embraced require the absolute predisposition of our mind to put itself at the service of our soul and our emotions, feeling their fullness.
Man is invited to free himself from the immense fears and emotional voids that suffocate him by clouding his mind by regaining possession of the instinctual part, the only one that can help the individual to reconnect with his own identity, making it unique and free again.

Biographical note
Arianna Sanesi, Italian photographer, lives and works in Paris. After the Master’s Degree in History of Photography at the University of Bologna, he attended CFP Bauer in Milan and worked for some time as assistant to Ferdinando Scianna. After other training courses in Denmark and France, he devoted himself to visual storytelling, focusing his attention on social and cultural issues.

The exhibition space
Red Lab Gallery was founded in 2018 as an experimental laboratory designed to investigate all disciplines of contemporary visual culture, in particular photography, but it is equally open to multidisciplinary contaminations capable of bringing art closer to life and promoting interactive participation.


Red Lab Gallery presents exhibition wild patience Milan news

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