Raggi and Gualtieri meet in San Basilio, question and answer – Politics

Raggi and Gualtieri meet in San Basilio, question and answer – Politics
Raggi and Gualtieri meet in San Basilio, question and answer – Politics

Roberto Gualtieri, candidate for mayor of Rome for the center-left, and the outgoing mayor Virginia Raggi, they met together in San Basilio last night. Gualtieri went to speak with Don Antonio Coluccia, to tour the neighborhood of one of the outskirts of Rome with him, and met Raggi who joined them.

The two challengers then saw each other this morning at the meeting organized by Confcooperative Roma among the candidates, with Carlo Calenda and Enrico Michetti absent.

In a tweet, the outgoing mayor then posted a video of the walk she took with her opponent saying that she had passed through San Basilio before returning home and thus led Gualtieri to “get to know the neighborhood”.

“I have been going to San Basilio for years and we are doing an important job, Gualtieri went there for the first time in the election campaign as everyone is doing now, but they are the faces of parties we know well. They are the usual suspects, they will forget of the suburbs in a few weeks: we unfortunately know the mechanism “, said the outgoing mayor of Rome, on the sidelines of the event organized by Confcooperative Rome, with the candidates for mayor.

‘I don’t want to make any controversies or ironies but I was in San Basilio, taking an important tour in a neighborhood where there is a shop square and at a certain point the mayor reached us. I’m happy. I read that he said he took me to San Basilio but it is not like that. I believe that citizens do not care, everyone has their own style “, said the candidate for mayor of Rome of the center-left.” There are things that are too important – continued Gualtieri -. There are those who risk their lives to denounce the squares of displeasure, I went around with Don Coluccia, an extraordinary, courageous person who risks his life and knows the whole situation. For me it was exciting to go around with him in this shop, after a while the mayor also showed up. Better, there were two of us “, he concluded.


Raggi Gualtieri meet San Basilio question answer Politics

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