the son of Gigi d’Alessio among the students

the son of Gigi d’Alessio among the students
the son of Gigi d’Alessio among the students

Yesterday the first episode of the new edition of Amici was recorded. In the studio present many of the students of Amici 20, together with some personalities from the world of entertainment and sport. Raimondo Todaro confirmed among the coaches, as well as the son of Gigi d’Alessio among the talents of this year.

The first episode of Friends 21 was recorded yesterday afternoon and will air Sunday 19 September starting from 14:00. Exceptionally, in fact, for these first two weeks Maria De Filippi it will occupy the space on Sunday afternoon which from 3 October will be taken by Anna Tatangelo with her new program “Wedding scenes”.

As reported by the advances, this year there will be 22 banks for new students in the program, of which four still have to be assigned. To pass the witnesses to the protagonists of Friends 21 were some of the former students of last year: Giulia Stabile, Aka7even, Deddy, Alessandro Cavallo.

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Not only that, behind the desks there were also important ones personages of the world of show, like the actor Raoul Bova, and of sport, like Filippo Magnini, who welcomed the new talents of the school.

Friends 21: first banks assigned

According to advances, there have already been the first evaluations by the coaches, including the presence of Raimondo Todaro, the former dancer of Dancing with the Stars who from this year will be part of Maria De Filippi’s team. Alessandra Celentano would have already had to say about the technical skills of an aspiring dancer, named Serena.

Among the benches of I sing that have been assigned, however, there is also that of Luca D’Alessio, son of the Neapolitan singer Gigi D’Alessio. The boy, born in 2003, is known in the musical world of young people with the stage name of LDA, and has already received some criticism from Anna Pettinelli.

His presence, however, has already attracted great curiosity: how he will fare Luca d’Alessio in the talent led by Maria De Filippi? Will he be able to show his talent?

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