Sisters forever, the incredible true story of babies swapped in cribs

Sisters forever, the incredible true story of babies swapped in cribs
Sisters forever, the incredible true story of babies swapped in cribs

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It seems the ideal story for a fiction, but unfortunately it is pure reality. It is the story of Caterina and Melissa, two girls born in Mazara del Vallo in 1998 and mistakenly mistaken in the hospital. The nightmare of these families, their labor and rebirth have become a film, broadcast on September 16 on Rai Uno with an emblematic title: Sisters forever.

It was New Year’s Eve and their mothers already at the time of seeing them clean and dressed after giving birth realized that something was wrong: the onesie they were wearing were not those provided at the time of admission by the two families.

“They told us that they had made a mistake and swapped the dresses, not to worry”, Marinella Alagna tells Today is another day. In Serena Bortone’s living room the two mothers, the real ones, retrace those moments, until the day they realized that the most atrocious doubt a mother could have was a bitter truth.

“In kindergarten I realized that there was another child, entering the class, identical to the other two of my older children and immediately I had a strange, very strong feeling. I did the blood tests and two days later I went to knock on his door ”, continues Marinella, who between the two is the one who wanted to take reality head on and fought for the truth to come out. The other mother, Gisella, was too upset, too frightened by that atrocious fate.

It took years of psychotherapy, of lawyers, of tears, but above all it took a boundless love to be able to face what someone’s neglect had created.

At just three years old, Melissa and Caterina left their families, those parents who had raised them, to go and live with their biological ones. It is difficult to imagine greater suffering for a mother than not seeing her daughter for months.

“After the exchange we spent three months without seeing each other, to get them used to it. It was terrible, but she and I used to talk every day, if only to exchange advice, tell us what was going on, ”Gisella says. There was no lack of moments of despair, the thought that perhaps it would have been better to leave everything as it was. But in the end, universal love won, the only one that could have made it possible to transform such a tragedy into a form of enrichment.

“Today we all live like one big extended family, the girls are 23 years old: one just graduated and the other about to discuss the thesis in the next few days, they are very united. We have always celebrated birthdays together, we never thought of separating them “.

Their story, we said, has become a film, shot involving families and trying to treat each other with the utmost respect.

To lend their faces to these two brave mothers Donatella Finocchiaro and Anita Caprioli, Vincenzo Castrogiovanni and Francesco Foti are the fathers.

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