static garrison in piazza Sempione-

static garrison in piazza Sempione-
static garrison in piazza Sempione-

After last Saturday’s no-rules march, with the demonstrators’ roadblocks to “send the city into a tailspin”, the police station decided to stem the excesses of No vax and No green pass. Yesterday, the police notified 16 militants, identified among the most active in the demonstrations of recent weeks, of the prescriptions in view of tomorrow’s march. Event for which no one has given the necessary “notice” in via Fatebenefratelli, but which from 24 July every Saturday affects thousands of people in Milan thanks to self-promotion via social media and via Telegram.

Hence the idea of ​​selecting some of the most active participants as “tacit” organizers. For Saturday 18 September the rules are precise: no procession around the city and no piazza Fontana, central and nerve center for “blocking” all the ring roads. The police gave the green light to the only static garrison in Piazza Sempione, at the Arco della Pace. Place (hopefully) easily controllable and manageable on the front of public order.

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September 16, 2021 | 19:21



static garrison piazza Sempione Corriereit

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