From caregiver to valletta di Conte: storm on Scanzi

From caregiver to valletta di Conte: storm on Scanzi
From caregiver to valletta di Conte: storm on Scanzi

This is how he presented himself, they say “surprisingly”, alongside Giuseppe Conte. Smiles, half hugs, the hand of the former prime minister who often seeks the contact of the journalist. Andrea Scanzi from Arezzo, self-styled “rock star of journalism”, and the leader of the Five Star Movement: two hearts and a rally, the one in Montevarchi yesterday. Conte is there quietly to entertain the (little) public present in the square, when suddenly the writer-chronicler-presenter-theatrical descends from the skies. You will say: what’s wrong? Nothing, perhaps. Or maybe yes. In the sense that, although Giuseppi tried to say that he did not want to “involve” the Scanzi in a meeting by presenting him “as a journalist” (do you say that the leather jacket is the monk?), In the end Andrea ended up doing shoulder to the leader of a party. Type microphone holder. He asked a few questions, useless. He gave the “La” to the considerations of the former premier. But he never pinched his guest, not even by mistake: the questions went from “are you tired?” to “why don’t the press like you?”. Passing for a fearless “everyone thought that if the new Five Stars have a future, that future coincides with Giuseppe Conte”. What was the story of the journalist watchdog of power? Brrr what a fear.

The pore Scanzi did not even notice that while Conte was quoting Matteo Renzi and his “crisis in the dark” that threw Giuseppi down from Palazzo Chigi, someone shouted phrases like “shoot him” and “take him out”. Andrea was there, but (if he heard) he didn’t say anything like the leader of the M5S (who only apologized today). Indeed: the two also made jokes about the non-existence of Italia Viva and the lack of sympathy of its leader. They smiled. What’s more: they just laughed at Renzi’s back. Just imagine what colleagues from the Everyday occurrence if a reporter from another political area had thus lent himself to a street rally of a political leader. Just try to imagine. Done? Here: multiply it by three.

Obviously, some controversies could not be missing. Maria Elena Boschi blames the “journalist paid by Rai and La7 campaigns in the streets alongside a former prime minister, who silently watches the insults and death threats against Matteo Renzi”. Teresa Bellanova, Renzi himself (“what strikes you are not the screams of a few but the silences of the many”), Giuseppe Luigi Cucca and others are on the same line. Davide Bendinelli asks that the Order “intervene as soon as possible against a journalist who makes hatred his daily bread”. While Michele Anzaldi, naughty as only he knows how to be, instead wonders if “it is normal” that in Scanzi – after having “participated in Conte’s electoral rally” – “two public spaces are made available” for his “show of evident political character” that “behind the alleged satire he proposes two hours of attacks and insults to some party leaders”.

Baruffe aside, after all by now Scanzi this is expected. He is still the “most powerful on social media” journalist who first minimizes Covid (“it is not a deadly disease of a whore *** tr *** thief”) and then sows judgments on the politicians “cazzari of the virus”. He is the vaccine bencher, the caregiver of parents, the man with the presumption of being thanked by “a large part of the Italians” for taking Astrazeneca. In short: that stuff there. This is why it is not surprising: da caregiver in valletta, the jump was short.


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